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NinjaTrader Connection Guide for FXCM


Connection Configuration Instructions

  1. NinjaTrader must be installed
  2. Start NinjaTrader
  3. From the Control Center window, select the menu "Tools > Account Connections…"
  4. In the Account Connection Set Up window, press the "Add…" button
  5. The Connection Wizard will appear. Press the "Next >" button.
  6. As per the image below
    • Connection name: Create a name to identify your connection
    • Provider: Select "FXCM" from the list
    • Backup data feed connection: Select your backup data feed or leave as "<None>"
    • Connect on startup: Enable if you want NinjaTrader to automatically establish a connection on startup
    • Historical Data: For optimal performance, select "Use NinjaTrader servers"
  7. Press the "Next >" button
  8. As per the image below:
    • Enter your FXCM account user name and password.
    • If your account is a demo account check the "Demo" option.
  9. Press the "Next >" button followed by the "Finish" button to complete configuring your FXCM account.
  10. To connect to your account, go to the NinjaTrader Control Center window, select the menu "File > Connect" and select your account.


  1. Chart data is driven from the current bid price.
  2. For positions that are scaled in, when exiting, FXCM will report multiple executions to match the scale in executions.
  3. Connection losses to FXCM are only reported 1m30s after the fact from the FXCM API. It is possible to already be disconnected from FXCM, but have NinjaTrader not aware of this.
  4. Using the FXCM account in NinjaTrader and FXCM’s Trading Station at the same time can cause oddities in both as they share the same API connection.
  5. For any order submitted during a prior trading session, NinjaTrader will be unable to determine if the order was filled or cancelled. As a result NinjaTrader will set this order to a state of "Unknown" on reconnect. It is your responsibility to call your broker to determine the true state of this order.
  6. OCO (One cancels other) orders are locally simulated on your PC. This means that NinjaTrader MUST be connected to your broker in order for the OCO capabilities to function. If you are disconnected and one of the OCO orders are filled, the other WILL NOT be cancelled.
  7. When trading CFDs through NinjaTrader FXCM, be mindful of the order quantity being submitted since it may be higher than you were expecting when incrementing its value.
  8. Volume shown from realtime data may yield higher expected values due to the decentralized nature of the price data feed.
  9. Duplicate executions may appear in NinjaTrader if an open position is older than 3 days ago.