Point and Figure Charts for Futures Trading Strategies

Point and figure (P&F) charts can help traders establish a clearer view of the market when building futures trading strategies. By monitoring the supply and demand of a futures contract, point and figure charts provide a calculated estimate of optimal exit and entry trading points.Read More

Futures Arbitrage: Backtest to Find Correlations

By analyzing historical price movement of two similar financial instruments, you may discover a trade opportunity known as an arbitrage or pairs relationship. Though these two financial instruments may appear to move together, there are sometimes differences in price due to market inconsistencies. By taking advantage of these inconsistencies, arbitrage trade opportunities may appear.Read More

Identify a Futures Arbitrage Trade: S&P 500 (ES) & Nasdaq (NQ)

An arbitrage or pairs trade opportunity involves buying and selling two correlated financial instruments at the same time. The goal of a pairs trade is to profit off the difference in price between the two. This type of trade can work due to pricing discrepancies between two financial instruments that react to general market moves similarly.Read More