Managing Margin In Futures Trading

A constant to any futures trading strategy is managing margin risk. It has been said, with increased risk comes potential for increased profit. The mechanics of managing margin risk should be taken very seriously while balancing the opportunity it can bring. Read More

Day Trading Setup: Backtesting with Indicators

Backtesting using indicators can help you identify a potentially effective day trading setup and serves as a starting point for many traders. There are many ways to incorporate trading indicators into backtesting. Below we will explore a methodology and an example of a trade setup.Read More

Stochastics: A Momentum Trading Indicator

The Stochastic Oscillator is a momentum trading indicator that uses the velocity of a financial instrument’s fluctuation in price to provide buy/sell signals. Stochastics usually move before price changes and divergences in Stochastics can be used to predict financial instrument pricing reversals.Read More

Use Tick Bars to Gain a New Perspective on the Markets

When first learning how to dissect the intricacies of the markets, intraday traders typically focus on time based candlestick charts. The reliability and intuitive nature of time based charts offer remarkable information to help determine general market direction, prevailing trends, possible future market movements and provide the foundation for basic technical analysis.Read More

NinjaTrader 8 Boasts New Alerting System!

As part of the 500 + user driven enhancements, NinjaTrader 8’s completely redesigned Alerts functionality allows for the execution of complex, multifaceted conditions in the Market Analyzer, Hot List Analyzer or Charts. What’s more, the new Alerting System is a point and click interface with no programming experience required! Read More