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Default Currensys now supports NinjaTrader

The Currensys Trading System is a suite of three different systems that work together to identify market opportunities. Each system monitors the market for a unique scenario and will signal when that sequence of events is observed. The system works in trending markets, choppy markets, reversal markets, and breakout markets. But, equally important, it avoids flat markets where many systems tend to give back hard-earned gains. The system was developed in 2004 and has been traded live since its inception. This robust system has thrived in every market situation since that time.

A great system is no good if you donít get the support you need. Currensys offers timely, on-going, one-on-one support in addition to a 240+ page user manual and other resources that explain indicator development, platform usage, money management and everything in between. Visit our website to learn more about joining the family of successful traders who use Currensys around the clock and around the world.
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