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Default Awkward resolution of runtime error "256 barsAgo needed"

I have an indicator that works fine in 6.5. In NT7 when I have more than 255 bars (CurrentBar=256) on the screen I get the following error:

Error on calling 'OnBarUpdate' method for indicator 'name-of-indicator' on bar 256: barsAgo needed to be between 0 and 255 but was 256

After searching around I found the UI setting in the Add Indicator Dialog entitled Maximum bars look back. The default value for the text based
drop down is "TwoHundredFiftySix" and the only other setting available is "Infinite".
With my indicator already added to my chart, I changed this setting to "Infinite" but nothing happened, still got the error.

So I removed my indicator and closed the dialog. I then reopened the Add Indicator dialog and added it again. But this time, before I closed this
freshly opened Indictors dialog, I changed the Maximum bars look back to "Infinite" and my indicator worked.

It appears that this setting needs to be changed in this specific order, the very first time you add the indicator, for it's value setting to take affect.

Is this by design? Fine if thats the answer, but it was challenge to figure not being readily documented. It does make sense to me why
it works this way, but I do have a warped sense of reality

It also seems that this indicator setting should be related logically based on the data series Days-to-load setting...
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Hello tulanch

Thank you for your post.

I have forwarded this suggestion to our Development Department for further review & consideration.

Please let me know if we can assist with anything going forward.
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