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David Lean
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Lightbulb Please add Ability to Zoom & Move the Y-Axis scale.

I'd like the ability to expand the Y-Axis scale so much that some of the indicator values are no longer visible on the chart. And then perhaps have an icon I could click to pop it back to Autoscale again (like the X Axis when not looking at the latest bar).

eg 1: If the Oscillator moves from 0 -100, temporarily I'd like to view only 0-20.
eg 2.If the Volume per bar is normally 10-20K & due to major news 1 bar is 1.2Mill, I'd like to ability to click my mouse to slide the Y-Axis so it only shows the range 10-21K , untill the "news driven" candle moves off the screen & I can see everything again.

1. Sometimes an oscillator is "Kinda flat" at an extreme top or bottom & it would be useful to Zoom in a bit more to examine it more closely. The workaround today is resize all the other panels to tiny & increase the panel you want to see & then put them all back again. WHich sucks if you are also trying to trade a fast moving market.

2. Occasionally on Bar Charts (like Volume is typically displayed.) You get one or two huge bars, which dramatically change the Y-Axis scale. This means that all the normal length bars become little dots untill those anomaly bars slowly move to the left off the chart. A workaround is to expand the X-Axis & only show 2 or 3 bars, slowly increasing the number of bar always 1 less than the monster volume spike.
OR rewrite the offending indicator to clip values greater then a specified value. (This is unacceptable as you want to see the values when they happen, you just don't need to keep seeing them for the duration of the bars on the chart. And the definition of "Large Volume" is very between different comodities )
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NinjaTrader Customer Service
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I will send this to our development team for consideration, thank you!
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These features are available in the upcoming NT7.
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feature request, y-axis

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