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Default Chart Template - Load..., Save As..., Add to...

I would like to see a feature added to the Chart right-click Templates selections, so that one could add a template to an existing chart without wiping out what's already there.

This would be useful for specifying special settings that could be used to load an indicator that's used under different circumstances, such as for varying combinations of different time-frames and different instruments, where one's indicator settings might have to vary to some extent to be completely useful.

Using V7's indicator defaults is a step in that direction, but if chart templates could have an "Add to..." chart selection that didn't wipe out the other indicators and settings already on the chart, I think this would help the versatility in this area.

Furthermore (as I often like to point out with my suggestions), NinjaTrader has most of the code written for this already, so I'd expect that this should be a small-incremental-change (time-wise), which I suspect many NinjaTrader users would greatly appreciate.
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Hello KBJ,

Thank you for your suggestion and feedback!

I will forward this to development to consider in future versions.

Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to add.
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