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Advisory #16 | 06 20, 2013

Vision and NinjaTrader 7

On June 29th, 2013, all Vision connections will require an update to their secure socket implementation to accommodate a security certification which is set to expire on this date.

We have renewed the security certification in NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.14 which will allow users to connect to their Vision accounts.

This will require all users on a Vision upgrade to this new release in order to conform with this change and establish a connection

  • NinjaTrader 7 Users: By June 29th, 2013 please be sure you are the latest version as of this date
  • NinjaTrader 6.5 User: We advise you upgrade to NinjaTrader 7 in advance of June 29th, 2013

Upgrade to NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.14 Here

Please let us know should you have any questions

Regards,NinjaTrader Customer Service