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Advisory #22 | 01 07, 2014

Connectivity Options for Zen-Fire Users

Updated 1/8/14 at 9:45 AM MST

Dear Zen-Fire user:

We understand the last few weeks have been challenging and frustrating due to Zen-Fire network outages. NinjaTrader has always been about choice allowing you to trade what you want, how you want and where you want. By providing choice in technology we are able to provide our clients the option to trade through hundreds of brokerages globally. The purpose of this notice is to update you on your currently available connection options through NinjaTrader.

Sincerely,NinjaTrader Customer Service


NinjaTrader Announces World-Wide Rithmic Availability Rithmic is a proven technology known for stability, reliability, unfiltered market data and fast order execution and has been a technology partner of NinjaTrader’s for over 8 years.

Available at the following brokers and anywhere Rithmic is offered.

Crossland LLC Vision Optimus Trading Group

NinjaTrader Connection Technology Options

NinjaTrader is pleased to offer the following connection options all which include streaming and historical data unless otherwise noted.

Continuum Available at many FCM’s where Continuum is offered including but not limited to Phillip Futures, Crossland and RCG.

Interactive Brokers Available at Interactive Brokers and any of their introducing brokers. *Historical data supported excluding tick data

MBTrading Available at MB Trading and any of their introducing brokers.

PatSystems Available at any FCM that offers Patsystems. *Historical data is not supported, we recommend using Kinetick

Trading Technologies Available at most FCM’s that support Trading Technologies including Advantage Futures, Crossland and Velocity Futures * ICE markets and overnight positions are not supported. Historical data is not supported, we recommend using Kinetick

Click here to see additional NinjaTrader Brokerage and FCM Partners

Multi Broker OptionNinjaTrader also has the ability to be used across multiple brokers at one time with a multi-broker license. If you would like to connect and trade through multiple brokers, this is a great option and we are offering it at a discount of 40% to Zen-Fire license holders to upgrade through the month of January. Please click here to upgrade or email [email protected] for further details.

Changing Broker TechnologyIt is also possible to have your NinjaTrader license changed to any supported broker technology listed above. If you would like your license changed to another supported broker technology, please email [email protected] with your license key and requested new broker technology and we will have it updated to you in short order.