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Advisory #24 | 08 24, 2014

NinjaTrader Advisory Notice – CQG & Continuum Users Only HG and SI price format changes

On August 9, 2014 CQG & Continuum internally updated their price format for the HG and SI instruments which require an update to the instrument definitions

  1. If you downloaded NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25 on or before August 13, 2014 you are using an instrument database which holds the old instrument definitions for these instruments. If you had installed that release please uninstall it at this time using the directions below. Once uninstalled, you need to download and install the updated NinjaTrader release using the instructions below.
  2. If you did not upgrade your NinjaTrader installation to the current release previously, we do suggest that you update at this time.
  3. Please note that the NinjaTrader Historical Data servers will still record at the incorrect price format until our August 15, 2014 maintenance window where we will correct the issue and restore the correct data.

Directions to Uninstall NinjaTrader

  • From the Start menu select -> Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs.
  • From Add and Remove Programs select NinjaTrader 7 and click Remove.
  • Then you will need to clear your internet browser cache and history. You will clear this from within your internet browser.*Please note that that above the steps will not impact your charts, workspaces, custom indicators, or any other NinjaTrader settings

Directions to Install NinjaTrader and Reset Instruments

  • Once the uninstall steps are completed you can download and install NinjaTrader 7 from the link below:Click on the following link and follow the prompts
  • Once the install completes please start up NinjaTrader 7 and before connecting to your provider please go to Control Center -> “Tools” Menu -> “Options…” Menu Item.
  • Select the “Data” tab and press the “Reset Instruments” button.“Please note that all instrument definitions will be reset to the most up to date version in the latest install”
  • When prompted, restart NinjaTrader and your instruments will be up-to-date