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Advisory #25 | 09 15, 2015

Changes to CME Globex Closing Times

Effective Monday, September 21, the daily CME Globex maintenance period will begin 15 minutes earlier Monday through Thursday from 16:00 until 16:45 CT. This includes Equity Index futures (ES, YM, NQ) and Energy futures (CL). Currently, the daily maintenance period occurs Monday through Thursday from 16:15 to 16:45 CT. The re-open remains at 17:00 CT.

With this change, the closing times for the following markets will now occur 15 minutes earlier Monday through Friday at 16:00 CT.

  • CME Equity
  • CBOT Equity
  • DME

All other CME Globex markets trading hours remain unchanged.

You can update your NinjaTrader session templates in just a few quick steps to adjust for these new trading hours. Included below are the 2 impacted session templates and the instruments associated with each. The video tutorial details the simple process to update each template.

CME US Index Futures ETH

Standard Instruments Affected
DJDow Jones Futures ($10)
EMDE-mini S&P MidCap 400
EMFE-mini S&P CNX Nifty Futures (Nifty 50)
ESE-mini S&P 500
MNFE-micro S&P CNX Nifty Futures (Nifty 50)
NQE-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures
SMPS&P SmallCap 600
SPS&P 500
YMmini-sized Dow ($5) Futures

NYMEX Metals / Energy ETH

Standard Instruments Affected
CLCrude Oil Futures
GCCOMEX Gold Futures
HGCOMEX Copper Futures
HOHeating Oil Futures
MG E-micro Gold Futures
NGNatural Gas
PAPalladium Futures
PLPlatinum Futures
QCCOMEX miNY Copper Futures
QGE-mini Natural Gas
QHE-mini Heating Oil Futures
QICOMEX miNY Silver Futures
QME-mini Crude Oil Futures
QOCOMEX miNY Gold Futures
QUE-mini Gasoline Futures
RBRbob Gasoline Futures
RTRbob Gasoline Financial Futures
SICOMEX Silver Futures
TTNYMEX Cotton No. 2 Futures

Steps to Update Your Session Templates

If you have any questions regarding updates to your session templates, please contact us at [email protected].