FXCM Historical Data Interruption for NinjaTrader 7 Users

Access to historical data from FXCM is currently unavailable. We are investigating the cause and working to restore service. Until service is restored, NinjaTrader 7 can use FXCM's native historical data service.

Please follow the steps below to connect to FXCM’s historical data service. We will update this advisory once service is restored.

Note: NinjaTrader 8 users are not impacted and no changes are necessary.


  1. Disconnect your FXCM connection if currently connected.
  2. In the NinjaTrader ‘Control Center’ please select ‘Tools’ > ‘Account Connections…’.

  1. Select your FXCM connection and press ‘Change’.

  1. Select ‘Next >’ and then change the Historical Data option from ‘Use NinjaTrader servers’ to ‘Use NinjaTrader FXCM servers’.

  1. Continue selecting ‘Next >’ to finalize the settings.
  2. Reconnect to your FXCM connection, you will now be using FXCM native historical data servers.

If you have any questions, or would like further assistance concerning, please contact us at [email protected].