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NinjaTrader 7 Connection Guide for Trading Technologies


Connection Configuration Instructions

  1. NinjaTrader must be installed
  2. Start NinjaTrader
  3. From the Control Center window, select the menu "Tools > Account Connections…"
  4. In the Account Connection Set Up window, press the "Add…" button
  5. The Connection Wizard will appear. Press the "Next >" button.
  6. As per the image below
    • Connection name: Create a name to identify your connection
    • Provider: Select "Trading Technologies" from the list
    • Backup data feed connection: Select your backup data feed or leave as "<None>"
    • Connect on startup: Enable if you want NinjaTrader to automatically establish a connection on startup
    • Select "Enabled" for historical data or disabled if you will be using a difference connection for historical data
  7. Press the "Next >" button
  8. As per the image below:
    • Enter your Trading Technologies account logon credentials
    • Leave "Demo mode" unchecked and "Connection reset time" unadjusted unless otherwise instructed by a technical support representative
  9. Press the "Next >" button followed by the "Finish" button to complete configuring your Trading Technologies account.
  10. To connect to your account, go to the NinjaTrader Control Center window, select the menu "File > Connect" and select your account.
  11. Review the information regarding Trading Technologies historical data servers below.
  12. Critical: OCO (one cancels other) orders for Trading Technologies are locally simulated on your PC. This means that NinjaTrader must be connected to your broker in order for the OCO capability to function. If you are disconnected and one of the OCO orders are filled, the other WILL NOT be cancelled.
  13. Warning: Carrying positions overnight is not supported. NinjaTrader does not support the reporting of overnight positions when trading through Trading Technologies (TT). The TT server environment is highly flexible which result in non-uniform position reporting through the TT API from one broker to the next. We advise you NOT to carry positions overnight (between sessions) since NinjaTrader cannot accurately report your position which can adversely affect your account.
  14. Did you know that Trading Technologies does not provide index data such as TICK or TRIN? Consider supplementing your Trading Technologies connection with Kinetick for real time and historical index data!