Enable/Disable Static SuperDOM Request

If you have a NinjaTrader license and would like to either Enable or Disable the Static SuperDOM, please complete the following form. Please be aware that once a Static SuperDOM is set, all trades initiated through NinjaTrader regardless of which order entry screen is used will result in additional fees.

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for the license key conversion to complete
  • Continuum requires NinjaTrader version 7.0.1000.22 or later
  • Enter your existing license key and preferred email address below
  • If you don’t know your NinjaTrader license key, you can find it by starting NinjaTrader and from within the Control Center window, select the menu Help > License Key
  • Enable Static SuperDOM. Static SuperDOM cost is $.10 per side per contract traded.
  • Disable Static SuperDOM. No additional fees.
  • Please add the numbers
  • + =