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Eurex for NinjaTrader Continuum

To access Eurex products through your NinjaTrader Continuum connection in NinjaTrader, please send your request and NinjaTrader Continuum User Name(s) to

As soon as Eurex is enabled for your account, you will receive an email notification from NinjaTrader.

Each user name with access to Eurex market data will incur a fee as listed below:

  • Professional Users - $72
  • Non-Professional Users - $23

Fees will be deducted from your trading account monthly for the previous month's access to Eurex data.

Non-Professional Designation Requirements

To qualify as a Non-Professional user, you must complete the following form to verify your non-professional status.

To qualify as a Non-Professional, you must meet the following requirements as established by the exchange:

  • You will receive market data in an entirely personal capacity for my own investment purposes and not for business purposes nor on behalf of any company or other person.
  • You are not a market professional in ANY financial market.
  • You are not registered in any capacity with any exchange, market, or regulatory agency having jurisdiction over exchanges, dealer networks, or other markets.
  • You are not an investment advisor, nor do you operate a credit institution or financial services institution.
  • You are not a consultant, contractor, or software developer who uses market data for any purpose other than personal investing.
  • You will not make the market data available to 3rd parties.