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At 1/10th the size of one Bitcoin, Micro Bitcoin futures allow you to trade both sides of the Bitcoin market at a fraction of the cost.

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See Why Traders Choose Micro Bitcoin Futures

  1. Reduced Financial Commitment – At 1/10th the size of one Bitcoin, you can trade the Bitcoin market without owning the underlying currency at a greatly reduced cost.
  2. Regulated Marketplace – Micro Bitcoin Futures are traded on CME Group’s regulated & centralized exchange.
  3. Transparent Pricing – All market participants see the same quotes & prices are cash-settled daily providing traders the most accurate price available.
  4. Increased Flexibility – Capitalize on both up and downtrends in Bitcoin price by entering the market long or short without restrictions.
  5. Greater Risk Control – Scale in and out of positions for increased control and hedge against positions in the Bitcoin spot market.

Uncover Your Bitcoin Market Opportunity

Chart & track the Bitcoin market with the tools the professionals use.

Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting

Visualize Bitcoin price movement through fully customizable charts including 100+ indicators, various chart styles and powerful drawing tools

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Monitor Bitcoin in real-time based on predefined conditions to quickly uncover opportunities & capitalize based on actionable alerts

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Verify your trading ideas with a high performance backtesting engine & simulate strategies on historical data to analyze past performance

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