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All NinjaTrader license options include advanced charting, fast order execution, market analytics, automated strategy development and more.

License Comparison Lifetime Lease Direct Free (SIM)
Advanced Charting and Analytics
Live Trading  
Simulated Trading
Automated Trading  
ATM Strategies  
Chart Trader  
One Cancels Other Orders (OCO)  
Custom Indicator/Strategy Development  
Hot Keys  
Futures Commissions* $.53 per contract $.73 per contract $.95 per contract Simulation Only
Forex Commissions* $.04 per 1K FX lot $.05 per 1K FX lot $.06 per 1K FX lot Simulation Only
Price $999 one time payment or 4 monthly payments of $299 Starting at $60 per month FREE FREE
*Listed rates available through NinjaTrader Brokerage. Standard exchange, NFA & routing fees apply.

To experience the full power of NinjaTrader, purchase or lease the platform to take advantage of the following features:

  • Advanced Trade Management This powerful feature is what put NinjaTrader on the map! Predefine your trade exit parameters and watch NinjaTrader automatically submit and manage your stop loss and profit target orders in milliseconds. In a game of ticks…Advanced Trade Management is a must have!
  • Chart Trader React to the market instantly by placing orders and managing trades directly within a chart.
  • Order Entry Hot Keys Drive order submission, modification, cancellation and close positions efficiently by invoking user configured Hot Keys.
  • Automated Trading System/Indicator Development & Backtesting Using C# based NinjaScript, develop, backtest and optimize trading strategies and indicators.
  • Automated Trading Take the emotion out of your trading by running automated trading strategies.
  • One Cancels Other Orders (OCO) Submit multiple orders to protect an open position, when one fills the other is automatically cancelled.