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Are Managed Futures a Fit for Your Portfolio?

Managed futures are alternative investments which rely on professional Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) who specialize in managing client assets on a discretionary basis.

The addition of managed futures to an investment portfolio can reduce risk, enhance performance and introduce global opportunities.*

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Proactive Versus Reactive Investing

As professional money managers, CTAs are able to proactively monitor & adjust your investments to help you reach your objectives.

TRANSPARENCY Real-time marked to market position level risk & performance analysis

LIQUIDITY Flexibility in entering and exiting positions & prompt liquidation

CONTROL Ability to use different collateral pieces & instantly modify investments as needed

Why Do Investors Choose Managed Futures?

Managed futures empower investors to take action when faced with uncertainty.

When Stocks Are Up managed futures non-correlation to stocks means there will be periods when the markets move in opposite directions. Reviewing a longer term perspective, managed futures can also perform during stock rallies.

...and When Stocks Are Down managed futures help to diversify a portfolio and as a result, may reduce volatility during stock market downturns due to their non-correlation with traditional markets.

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NinjaTrader has partnered with managed futures specialist RCM Alternatives to provide access to their industry leading tools, research and database of top performing programs.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with RCM Alternatives to review your goals & return objectives and identify CTAs that could be a fit for your customized portfolio.


*Adding managed futures to a portfolio does not guarantee that it will lower the risk of an investors’ portfolio or increase the profitability as losses may still occur. The commodity trading advisor that is selected by the investor will determine the effect on a portfolio. The CTA Index is not necessarily representative of all CTAs in the industry. Only CTAs that choose to disclose their performance to this index are included in the calculation of the CASAM CISDM CTA Index used on this website. Customers cannot invest in a managed futures index and the commodity trading advisor selected by the customer may have performance that is substantially different than that of the index.