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NinjaTrader Migration Guide

Migrating from version 7 to 8

On the first launch of NinjaTrader 8, you will be presented with the option to migrate some of your prior NinjaTrader settings over via a "Migrate NinjaTrader Data" pop-up window. This migration process will help considerably in transferring your NinjaTrader 7 settings and files, but it will NOT migrate all data, so it is important to understand what is and is not transferred prior to removing your NinjaTrader 7 installation. Note that there are no conflicts with having both NinjaTrader 7 and 8 installed concurrently, so if you wish to keep Version 7 you can certainly do so.

What Will Be Migrated

  • Historical Market Data
  • Market Replay Data
  • Account Connections
  • Custom Simulation Accounts
  • Historical Executions
  • Historical Orders
  • Custom Instruments
    • Including Fundamental Data, Rollovers, Dividends, and Commissions
  • Instrument Lists
  • ATM Strategy Templates
    • Default parameter type will be set to “Ticks”
  • Settings and Preferences
  • License Key
  • Drawing Object Templates
  • Hot Key Mapping

What Will Not Be Migrated

  • NinjaScript Indicators and Strategies
  • Workspaces*
  • Strategy Wizard Templates
  • Chart Templates
  • Default Templates for Bar Types, Indicators, and Strategies
  • Session Templates
  • Saved Strategy Backtest/Optimization Results
  • Market Analyzer Templates

*Workspaces are not migrated because of significant changes to the way windows are formatted and arranged in NinjaTrader 8. You will need to rebuild your workspaces or obtain NinjaTrader 8 compatible versions of any workspaces provided by 3rd party vendors.

Restoring from NinjaTrader Backup Files

Restoring back up files created in NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8 is not supported.

Migrating NinjaScript Files

For 3rd party strategies, indicators, or add-on scripts, please consult with the individual vendors for NinjaTrader 8 compatible versions of their products. Due to significant changes in NinjaScript released with Version 8, Version 7 strategies, indicators, and add-ons will no longer work in the new version. NinjaTrader has provided the vendors with information on necessary steps to convert their code, and they should be able to provide you with new Version 8 compatible versions shortly.

To migrate your own custom NinjaScript indicators and strategies, you will first need to update your code to reflect the significant changes to the NinjaScript libraries. Comprehensive information on code-breaking changes can be found at the link below, and we recommend utilizing the Language Reference in our online Help Guide throughout the code conversion process:

Due to the scope of the changes made to NinjaScript, you will not be able to import any Version 7 scripts into NinjaTrader 8 for code conversion. The most efficient way to convert your Version 7 scripts will be to create a new script directly via the NinjaScript Editor in NinjaTrader 8, then begin to copy and paste portions of your code from Version 7 to Version 8, making adjustments for each section of code as needed.

In addition to the architectural changes which have eliminated certain event-driven methods in NinjaScript, there are two key components of your code which should NOT be copied into your new Version 8 script:

  • “Using” statements at the top of the script
  • All code within the “NinjaScript Generated Code” region

For complete information on creating a new script in NinjaTrader 8 as the first step in the code conversion process, please see the “Managing Scripts and Folders” section of the Help Guide article linked below: