NinjaTrader Remote Support

When directed by a NinjaTrader Customer Support Representative, please download and run the remote support application.

Note: We are not alerted when you run the support application; you must first have an open support ticket ([email protected]) in which a NinjaTrader Support Representative has requested that you download this remote support application.


When you click to download you will see the following dialog box, please select Run (you may have to select Run twice if prompted). If you’re running any Antivirus software please allow this as a safe application if you are asked to do so.

If you are using Firefox or another internet browser, please download the file to your desktop so you can double click the application download to launch it.

Once the support application is launched an ID and password will be generated for you by our support program as seen below.

Your NinjaTrader Support Representative will request the ID and password in order to connect to your PC. Please keep the program running until we are connected.

You may close the support application once the call has been completed by selecting the “X” on the NinjaTrader remote support application.