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Webinar: Getting to Know Treasury Bonds, Notes & Interest Rate Futures

What: Futures Trading Education

When: Wednesday, 12:00 PM ET

Duration: Approximately 45-60 minutes

Cost: Free to everyone

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The United States government has a long history of funding its operations by issuing treasury securities. In fact, this practice dates back to the time of Alexander Hamilton. These debt instrument offerings, backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government, have historically been and continue today as one of the main pillars of personal finance and a core piece of this country’s economic operations.

Treasury bond futures have been traded at the Chicago Board of Trade since 1977. Once Paul Volker grabbed the reins at the Federal Reserve Board in 1979, volume in the treasury futures markets (aka Financial Futures) experienced immense growth. The fact that these markets are among the most liquid globally is one of many reasons why they are worth learning about.

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In this event you will learn:

  • The anatomy of both bond and note futures
  • How pricing works
  • How to chart and trade interest rates
  • Factors that impact price
  • The basics of the Yield Curve
  • Trading margins for Bonds and Notes

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