E-Mini S&P Futures Test Major Support

E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES) may be approaching a major level of support.

On a daily chart looking back to the start of 2016, these volatile sell offs do not appear as intense as they seem in the moment. Viewing historical price activity helps to gain a greater perspective of the strong uptrend the markets have been in.Read More

Wage Growth in Focus for August Jobs Report

Once again, wage growth will be the primary focus for many investors attempting to gauge inflation. Some metrics are showing wage growth lagging behind the CPI growth rate, causing concern for consumers in the future. With how tight the labor market appears, many believe it is only a matter of time until wage growth catches up. Read More

Key Insights Ahead of June’s Jobs Report

With March and April’s lackluster growth being partially attributed to bad weather, a stronger performance in May was not a surprise. June’s report will indicate a potential trend of stable job growth or signal that May’s strong number was more of an isolated recovery from prior months.
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Key Insights Ahead of May’s Jobs Report

After a strong April report, May data is expected to continue the recent strength of job growth.

ADP reported growth of 178,000, slightly below the anticipated range for May. Non-farm payrolls are anticipated to grow between 155,000 and 220,000 with a consensus of 190,000.
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Key Insights Ahead of April’s Jobs Report

After a slowdown in March, largely attributed to finicky weather, April’s job and wage growth is set for a rebound. According to payroll processor ADP, 204K jobs were added to the economy in April. Expectations ahead of Friday’s closely watched nonfarm payroll report are 192K additions, up from only 103K in March. Read More