Why Do Traders Use Simulated Stop Orders?

A simulated stop is a type of conditional trade order which is simulated locally on a trader’s personal computer until certain market conditions are met. Once these user-defined conditions are satisfied, the simulated stop order becomes a market or limit order.Read More

Over 32M Micro E-mini Contracts Traded in 3 Months

After seeing record-breaking volume in their first 30 days of trading, Micro E-mini equity index futures from the CME have racked up more than 32 million contracts traded since their launch on May 6th.

Micro E-mini futures provide futures traders the ability to trade American stock markets at a fraction of the cost & with significantly lower margins than full-size E-minis. These 1/10th-sized fungible contracts also offer added flexibility & position management for existing E-mini traders.

The first three months of trading for Micro E-mini futures has been nothing short of historic. The launch of these new contracts took the futures trading world by storm and brought a surge of new futures traders to these highly liquid equity index markets.Read More

Equity Futures Bounce After Worst Day of 2019

American stock index futures showed signs of a bounce Tuesday morning after their sharpest single-day drop of the year.

Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures all saw losses exceeding 3% yesterday. Most notably, Micro E-mini Nasdaq futures closed more than 4% down at 7385.25.

In retaliation to President Donald Trump threatening a new series of tariffs on Chinese imports, the People’s Bank of China devalued the yuan currency to historically low levels. This caused a chain reaction in both currency and equity markets and spurred a massive selloff on Wall Street.Read More

Forex Day Trading: Is Forex a Fit for Day Trading?

Day trading is defined as opening and closing a position within a single trading session. Most day traders make use of leverage and short-term trading strategies to take advantage of small price movements throughout the day.

Day traders typically trade frequently as they attempt to take advantage of short-term market moves. This accelerated approach helps new day traders gain experience quickly while also developing a consistent approach without long-term risk or exposure.

As long as appropriate risk management measures are in place, day trading can be a viable approach to the forex markets.Read More

Identify Market Trends & Cycles with Moving Average Indicators

There are two types of Moving Averages that technical analysts use to identify overall market trends and potential cycles, the Simple Moving Average and the Exponential Moving Average. Each technical indicator is designed to smooth out fluctuating data to show an average value of an instruments price over a user defined period of time.Read More