Automate Your Trade Management with NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader’s Advanced Trade Management (ATM) functionality allows traders to focus on their trading goals, not the mechanics of order execution, helping to limit emotion & maintain discipline. The net result is less stress and more consistent trading.Read More

Gold Sees Renewed Strength as Dollar Slumps

With the US Dollar (DX Futures) falling to its lowest price since June 14th, Gold Futures (GC) are showing renewed strength. Gold prices began an upward move on Monday morning putting the futures instrument back in the running to test its highest price levels in nearly two weeks.Read More

Scan Trading Opportunities in Real-Time with Market Analyzer

NinjaTrader empowers traders with powerful real-time analysis to easily monitor trade opportunities across hundreds of markets. NinjaTrader’s Market Analyzer provides an intuitive and customizable interface to track the markets tick by tick based on your preferred conditions to quickly uncover trading opportunities.Read More

Market Replay: Practice, Practice, Practice with Playback Connection

Malcom Gladwell, staff writer at The New Yorker & author of the bestseller Outliers, popularized the theory that 10,000 hours of practice are required to master a particular skill.

Similar to other skillsets, if you are determined to master the art of trading, it requires practice. Unfortunately, the markets only offer a limited amount of live data on a daily basis making that 10,000 hour benchmark daunting at best. Read More

Crude Oil Slides on Unexpected Inventory Surge

Crude Oil prices fell sharply shorty after Wednesday’s open on news from the U.S. Energy Information Administration that crude inventories increased by 5.8 million barrels over the last week. The unforeseen rise was far from analysts’ expectations of a 1.6 million barrel decrease triggering a sharp selloff for the closely watched commodity. Read More

E-Mini Russell 2000 Makes New All-Time High

The E-Mini Russell 2000 Index Futures reached an all-time high in early trading on Monday. The index, comprised of small-cap stocks, is on a streak of outperforming the large-cap based indexes. After February’s selloff, the Russell has recouped all its losses while the E-mini S&P, DOW & NASDAQ are still in the red. Read More