Use Hot Keys for Fast Shortcuts and Increased Efficiency

An often-overlooked feature of NinjaTrader, hot keys help you increase your speed & efficiency saving time in the fast-moving electronic markets.

NinjaTrader users can customize their own hot key combinations to be used throughout the platform to trigger actions related to:

  • Charting
  • Global Commands
  • Market Analyzer
  • NinjaScript Editor
  • Order Entry
  • SuperDOM

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What are E-Mini Nasdaq 100 Futures?

The E-Mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ) is a financial futures instrument which enables traders to speculate on the future value of the Nasdaq market index. More specifically, the NQ offers traders exposure to the 100 leading non-financial US large-cap companies which compose the Nasdaq 100 index.Read More

New Automatic Workspace Backup Feature Now Available

The award-winning NinjaTrader platform is designed for traders of all levels and trading styles. With each new update available, brand new tools and enhancements are included to improve user experience and functionality. Available now is an automated feature that instantly backs up saved workspaces!Read More

US Stocks Up on Temporary Trade Truce

US equity futures were up Monday morning on optimism regarding trade relations with China. Washington and Beijing agreed to a 90-day trade détente and China agreed to remove and reduce tariffs on American made cars.

Investors interpreted this news as positive Monday morning as all three major US indices pushed higher.Read More

Apple Leads Drop in Tech Stocks

US equity futures were down Tuesday morning fueled largely by a drop in technology-focused stocks such as Apple and the FANG group. Investors’ concerns over slowing demand of Apple’s iPhones have weighed heavily on the stock price which was down as much as 3.5% in premarket trading.Read More

Two New Drawing Tools Available for NinjaTrader 8 Users!

The award-winning NinjaTrader platform empowers traders with a number of advanced charting tools for FREE analysis of futures, stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. In our ongoing effort to equip users with the most robust set of analysis techniques, two new drawing tools were recently introduced and are available now!Read More