Automate Forex Trade Execution with NinjaTrader

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NinjaTrader is an industry-leading trading platform free to use for advanced charting, strategy backtesting and trade simulation. Additionally, the software includes semi-automated and automated trade functionality to help reduce stress and help you stay focused on your favorite forex markets! -automated trade functionality!

Semi-Automated Forex Trading with Advanced Trade Management (ATM) Strategies

ATM strategies manage positions automatically with predefined profit target and stop loss orders helping you reduce the impact of emotions in your trading decisions. This feature is also directly integrated into the NinjaTrader FX board delivering easy access to these capabilities for forex and CFD traders.

Key Advantages of using ATM Strategies:

  • Within milliseconds of entering a position, predefined stop loss and take profit orders are submitted to protect your trading capital
  • Multiple levels of stop loss and profit target orders are available for fine-tuning.\
  • Profit target and stop loss orders can be manually adjusted on the fly
  • More time for traders to focus on the markets rather than the mechanics of order execution
  • Limit the emotions involved in your trading decisions and enforce trader discipline

Above is an example of a trade using an ATM strategy. A standard lot of 100,000 is bracketed by several stop loss and take profit orders immediately after taking a long position.

Fully Automated Forex Trading

NinjaTrader’s provides multiple solutions for traders to fully automate their forex trading including options for non-programmers. Once constructed, you can test your strategies with zero financial commitment using a simulated trading account.

  • “Point and Click” construction: Ideal for non-programmers, you can build, test and deploy a custom automated strategy or algorithm.
  • C# Based Framework: Developers can build rich and integrated apps using NinjaScript, NinjaTrader’s modern C# based trading framework.

Pictured above is NinjaTrader’s Strategy Analyzer, a powerful tool to backtest and optimize a strategy before using in live markets.

Trade Forex with NinjaTrader

Learn more about NinjaTrader’s industry-leading forex trading capabilities in this short video:

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