Explore New Charting Enhancements in NinjaTrader 8!

At the core of NinjaTrader 8 lies a state-of-the-art charting system designed to meet the needs of traders of all levels. Nearly 100 pre-built indicators, multiple bar types, drawing tools, chart trading, a multitude of chart intervals…the list goes on why NinjaTrader is an industry leading Award-Winning trading platform.

Among others, the NinjaTrader 8 charting interface has been has been enhanced to include the following:

Center the Last Traded Price on the Y-Axis

Within the Data Series menu lives the option to center the last traded price on the price scale. Chart bars will automatically rescale allowing for the price action to remain centered.

Multi-Series Equidistant Bar Spacing

When charting more than one data series on a single chart, NinjaTrader 8 provides the option to select which period is utilized to properly mix the equidistant bar spacing display.

New Data Series Break at End of Day

Non-time based NinjaTrader 7 bar types such as Tick, Range or Renko could terminate at the end of a trading session, at which point a new bar would form at the beginning of the subsequent trading session. However, a new setting in NinjaTrader 8 enables non time-based bars to carry from one session to the next.

No Time Scroll

The new crosshair anchoring features the ability to “lock” a crosshair at a specific time allowing traders to freely navigate to other areas of a desktop without disrupting the placement of the crosshair.

View Chart Trader & NinjaScript Strategies Simultaneously

NinjaTrader 8 supports activating both Chart Trader and NinjaScript Strategies simultaneously from the same window to visualize strategy orders and positions from a single chart.

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