Extend Your Analysis with New Market Analyzer Tools

Market Analyzer new ninjatrader features

To continue expanding NinjaTrader 8’s powerful market analysis toolset, two new columns were recently added to the Market Analyzer. Chart-Net change and Chart-Mini provide new visual displays to help users gauge market activity at a glance to quickly identify trading opportunities.

Chart-Net Change

The Chart-Net change column provides a visual display of the current session’s net change. Areas of trading above the prior day’s close are shaded green while areas trading below the prior day’s close are shaded red.

ninjatrader market analyzer new features

Chart-Net change provides a fast and efficient way to track whether a market is trading above or below yesterday’s closing price and by approximately how much. Users can quickly scan both current net change information and changes throughout the trading day.


The Chart-Mini column displays a small price chart within the Market Analyzer window. This allows user to simultaneously view charts for several instruments without having to move or minimize the Market Analyzer window.

ninjatrader market analyzer mini chart

The default time span is 1-Day, but Week, Month, Year, and several intraday options are also available.

How to Add Columns to a Market Analyzer Window

Adding additional columns to a Market Analyzer window is easy:

  1. Right-click within the Market Analyzer window and select Columns
  2. Find the desired column in the upper left Available section
  3. Double-click to add the desired column to the Market Analyzer window
  4. Repeat as necessary for other columns and click OK when finished

ninjatrader market analyzer

The Market Analyzer window above includes both the Chart-Net change and Chart-Mini columns providing traders with a fast impression of market behavior at a glance.

See How the Market Analyzer Can Help You Uncover Trading Opportunities

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