Industry-Leading Order Entry Options for Forex Traders

The award-winning NinjaTrader platform empowers forex traders with multiple order entry interfaces designed for fast order execution. Several intuitive interfaces can be used simultaneously including the FX board built specifically for forex traders.

Order Entry Versatility

NinjaTrader provides multiple order entry interfaces designed for flexible & fast order execution.

  • Enter and adjust orders from a chart-based order entry interface, via the FX Board or by using custom Hot Keys
  • Protect open positions using one-cancels-other (OCO) orders: When one order fills, the other is cancelled in an automated fashion
  • Have stops and targets submit automatically upon entering a position with ATM Strategies & attach orders to indicators for dynamic order execution
  • Preconfigure quantities for Forex trades for fast and efficient order entry

Use Chart Trader to Place Orders Directly from Your Chart

With NinjaTrader’s ChartTrader interface, orders can be placed, modified and cancelled directly from a chart window. Use this convenient interface to manage trades, indicators and drawing tools all in one place. Additionally, execute your trading plan with Advanced Trade Management which automatically submits profit targets and stop loss orders.

  • Trade directly from your charts, no need to use a separate interface
  • Use ChartTrader to monitor trades, indicators, and drawing tools from one window
  • Create Advanced Trade Management (ATM) strategies to automatically submit profit targets and stop loss orders
  • Attach orders to indicators for fluid and dynamic trade entries and exits

FX Board: Designed for the Active FX Trader

The FX Board is a unique market data and trading interface designed specifically for forex and CFD products. Get a quick view of your favorite forex pairs through actionable instrument tiles. Simply flip tiles to quickly submit buy and sell orders and then view and manage trades in the order grid below.

  • Monitor several forex instruments simultaneously: each tile updates live and highlights changes in the bid & ask prices
  • Use the FX board to quickly place orders and flip the tiles for a built-in manual order entry feature
  • Current position, profit & loss, open orders and ATM Strategies are all available via the FX Board Orders Grid

Trade Forex with NinjaTrader

Learn more about NinjaTrader’s industry-leading forex trading capabilities in this short video:

With spreads among the lowest in the industry, NinjaTrader is a leading forex broker providing access to dozens of forex pairs and offering high-speed order execution. For unlimited FREE access to real-time and historical forex market data, download NinjaTrader today!