Make the Jump from SIM to Live Trading with E-Micros

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For many new traders, trading even a single standard sized contract can seem too risky attempt in the live market. For this reason, many traders fall into “paralysis by analysis” and trade in a simulated environment for an extended period of time.

For those looking to make the transition from SIM to start trading futures in the live markets, E-Micro futures from the CME Group provide an ideal starting point to enter the markets on a smaller scale. These new futures lower the financial commitment required for new traders as the associated market exposure is reduced along with the overall trading costs.

What Are E-micro Futures?

Traded exclusively on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), E-micro futures represent a fraction of the corresponding standard futures contract. Currently they fall into three categories: E-micro Forex Futures, E-micro Gold Futures and Micro E-mini Futures.

Trade E-Micros at NinjaTrader Brokerage

With $50 day trading margins for E-micros, NinjaTrader Brokerage offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to these markets.

For example, at 1/10th the size of the standard E-mini S&P futures contract (ES), Micro E-mini S&P futures (MES) move in lockstep with their larger size counterpart. Traders can maintain a position of one MES contract with a much lower balance than that required to trade a single ES contract.

Additionally, while only being able to trade one contract of ES, a trader with the same account balance has the flexibility of scaling in & out of an MES position with several contracts.

Make the Jump from Sim to Live Trading

Simulated trading is an integral component of the trading education process. For new traders as well as experienced traders who wish to test out new approaches, simulation allows users to test out new concepts with no monetary risk.

While sim trading is extremely useful, it can become a crutch and make traders reluctant to trade with real money on the line. Staying in a simulation environment for too long can prevent a trader from growing and can also create a careless approach to the markets. To start building experience in live markets, traders must eventually push themselves to begin trading with real capital.

With E-micro futures products, the barriers to entry are much lower and traders with less capital can make the leap to live trading with a smaller financial commitment. Nonetheless, futures trading does involve risk and traders should always educate themselves before participating in live markets.

Why Trade Futures with NinjaTrader?

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