New Trading Indicators to Expand Your Technical Analysis

New Indicators NinjaTrader Technical Analysis

The award-winning NinjaTrader platform empowers traders with numerous FREE advanced technical analysis tools for futures, stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. As traders search for new and innovative ways to evaluate the markets, the NinjaTrader development team continues to add powerful charting analysis tools.

In our ongoing effort to expand our comprehensive toolset, six new indicators were recently introduced and are available now!

How Do I Get the New Indicators?

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NinjaTrader indicators

  1. Fibonacci Pivots designates possible support and resistance levels based on Fibonacci calculations from the prior day’s price data. This indicator plots 7 horizontal lines which can be customized by color, thickness and width.
  2. Block Volume tracks block trades and plots a bar graph in a panel below the price data. It can be configured to display either the number of block trades or the total volume of block trades, and can also be used to count how many ticks occurred within a bar. Historical tick data is required to drive the Block Volume indicator which can be customized by color, style and thickness.
  3. Choppiness Index, plotted below the main chart panel, measures whether a market is trading within a trend or not. The lower the value of the choppiness index line, the more likely it is that a market is trending with a smaller value indicating a stronger trend. A higher value may indicate that the market is choppy or “trading sideways.”

NinjaTrader indicators

  1. Camarilla Pivots generate potential support and resistance levels based on the prior day’s open, high, low and close values. The algorithm used was developed in 1989 by a bond trader named Nick Scott. A total of 8 horizontal lines are plotted which can be customized by color, thickness and width.
  2. Vortex is an oscillator used to identify market direction and spot trends. Plotted as a pair of lines in a separate chart panel, a cross of the VIPlus line (purple) above the VIMinus line (red) signals a bullish transition and the opposite cross signals a bearish transition.
  3. Psychological Line displays the percentage of up-bars with a specified number of past price bars. Plotted as a line graph separate from the main chart panel, a higher value may be interpreted as bearish and a lower value as bullish.

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