Practice, Practice, Practice with Market Replay!

Malcom Gladwell, staff writer at The New Yorker & author of bestseller, Outliers, popularized the theory that it requires 10,000 hours of practice for one to become a master of a particular skill.

Just like any other skillset, if you want to master trading, it requires practice. However, with the markets only producing a limited amount of live data per day, reaching that 10,000 hour threshold can appear daunting at best.

NinjaTrader’s Market Replay, a.k.a. Playback Connection in NinjaTrader 8 Beta, puts live on-demand data at your fingertips. This tool, included with every download of NinjaTrader, enables you to record, download and replay market data at your convenience. Whether it be aftermarket hours, or on the weekend, NinjaTrader’s Market Replay delivers data to all NinjaTrader windows as if it was happening in real-time.

Test indicators, strategies, entry/exit rules, or your tape reading skills on any market or timeframe. Furthermore, testing daily indicator or strategy performance doesn’t have to take 7 or 8 hours. Market Replay offers the ability to playback data up to 500 times faster than normal market speed!

Master your trading skills and increase your exposure to live market data with NinjaTrader’s Market Replay!

Learn more about Market Replay in this short video tutorial & the NinjaTrader 7 Help Guide.