Quick Access to Chart Data with NinjaTrader’s Data Box

NinjaTrader 8 features two types of Data Boxes, providing quick access to price action & indicator values.

Data Box

The NinjaTrader Data Box (1) displays all bar data & indicator values on a chart based on the position of your mouse cursor. The data updates dynamically as you scroll throughout your workspace, from chart to chart, eliminating the need for multiple data boxes when multi-series charting.

NinjaTrader Data Box

Mini Data Box

NinjaTrader Mini Data Box

The Mini Data Box (2) provides the same information as the standard Data Box; however, it is focused on the chart where your mouse cursor is positioned. This data is quickly accessed by compressing the middle mouse button & hovering over the desired point on chart. Releasing the middle mouse button will remove the middle data box from view.

When multi-series charting, indicator plot names listed in the data box are followed by a timestamp indicating which bar time the corresponding indicator uses as its input series. This feature allows you to quickly determine which data series is used by each indicator.

To learn more about how to incorporate the data box into your trading, visit the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide complete with detailed information and examples!

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