Safe-Haven Demand Regains Footing

As tensions escalate between North Korea and the United States following President Trump’s threat to unleash “fire and fury” in response to Pyongyang’s remarks on “carefully examining” a strike on Guam, global stock markets reacted in a predictable safe-haven fashion.

The majority of global markets took a dive as anxiety swept across the newswires. Simultaneously, investors took cover and turned to traditional safe-haven investments such as Gold (GC), Japanese Yen (6J), and Swiss Franc (6S) and the U.S. Dollar.

Save-Haven Investments

The above chart, created for free with the award winning NinjaTrader platform, showcases the three safe-haven futures currencies amid U.S. and DPRK tensions. Utilizing NinjaTrader’s multi-series charting feature, one can quickly and efficiently compare the price action behavior of numerous instruments simultaneously.

Gold Futures Chart

The geopolitical anxiety pushed gold futures higher on Wednesday reaffirming its long-held stance as the go-to save haven investment.

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