Spot Bullish and Bearish Market Conditions with the ADL Indicator

NinjaTrader is equipped with over 100 free pre-built indicators to aid in your technical analysis of the markets. Indicators can be applied to NinjaTrader charts, the SuperDOM and the Market Analyzer. The first indicator featured within the NinjaTrader Indicator Menu is the ADL.

The Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL), is a volume based indicator developed by futures trading veteran, Marc Chaikin. Its goal is to quantify the amount of volume flowing in or out of an instrument to confirm an instruments prevailing trend, measure buy and sell pressure & spot potential reversal points.

Utilizing the principles of divergence and convergence, the following video tutorial demonstrates how the ADL can be leveraged to spot both Bullish and Bearish market conditions.

Combining the ADL with other technical analysis principles and monitoring for confluences among various signals can prove to be a valuable confirmation tool.

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