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December 2018 Natural Gas Futures Roll Date

By | November 21, 2018

ng natgas oilgas henry hub rollover date

Natural Gas futures (NG) traders can roll to the January 2019 contract as early as Monday, November 26th. The last trade date for December’s contract falls on Wednesday, November 28th. Read More

Holiday Reminder – Thanksgiving

By | November 20, 2018

Thursday, November 22nd is Thanksgiving Day. Trading times for many products will change in observance of the holiday, from November 21st through the 23rd. For details, please visit the CME Group Holiday Calendar. Read More

December 2018 Crude Oil Futures Roll Date

By | November 14, 2018

Monday, November 19th marks the last trade date for the December Crude Oil Futures contract. CL traders can roll to the January 2019 contract as early as Thursday, November 15th. Read More

Markets Seeking Transparency from the Fed: November FOMC Preview

By | November 7, 2018

After the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) November meeting concludes tomorrow, investors will have a better idea of the Fed’s take on the current economy. Little is expected to change in this policy statement as Fed officials wish to stay out of the markets’ forefront. Read More

October’s Job Report Exceeds Expectations

By | November 1, 2018

Signaling strong job market breadth following the recent hurricanes, ADP reported an increase of 227,000 jobs in the private sector for October surpassing the expected 189,000.

Large companies (500+ employees) accounted for the largest share of additions with 102,000 new jobs while small businesses lagged behind creating only 29,000.Read More

Natural Gas Futures Rollover Notice

By | October 25, 2018

The last trade date for the November Natural Gas futures contracts falls on Monday, October 29th. Active NG traders can roll to the December contract on Friday, October 26th, before the open. Standard trade execution fees & commissions apply. Read More

CL Futures Roll Date Notification

By | October 17, 2018

Monday, October 22nd marks the Last Trade Date for the November Crude Oil Futures Contract. Active CL traders can roll to the December contract as early as Thursday, October 18th, before the open. Read More

E-Mini S&P Futures Test Major Support

By | October 11, 2018

E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES) may be approaching a major level of support.

On a daily chart looking back to the start of 2016, these volatile sell offs do not appear as intense as they seem in the moment. Viewing historical price activity helps to gain a greater perspective of the strong uptrend the markets have been in.Read More

Unemployment Rate Expected to Reach Historic Lows

By | October 3, 2018

Signs of further tightening in the labor market and an additional drop in the jobless rate to 3.8% are both expectations for the upcoming September employment report.Read More

FOMC Preview: Markets Poised for a Hike

By | September 25, 2018

The Federal Reserve will conclude their monthly meeting tomorrow with a decision on how to proceed with interest rates.Read More