Use Instrument Lists to Quickly Track Your Favorite Markets

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The award-winning NinjaTrader platform enables traders to quickly and efficiently monitor multiple markets simultaneously to stay on top of market moves. Create custom instrument lists to enhance your ability to react when opportunity arises!

Why Use Instrument Lists?

An instrument list is essentially a watchlist, a list of securities to monitor and scan for trade ideas. Using instrument lists helps you prepare to strike while the iron is hot and take advantages of fluctuations in the markets.

Instrument lists are especially helpful for traders who monitor multiple markets to uncover trade opportunities or scan numerous markets for certain market conditions.

A few benefits of using instrument lists include:

  • Save time by applying an entire instrument list at once instead of adding instruments individually.
  • Analyze markets efficiently by quickly adding an instrument list to the Market Analyzer window for scanning & alerting.
  • Backtest multiple instruments at once in the Strategy Analyzer for timesaving automated strategy analysis.
  • Trade & monitor multiple forex markets simultaneously in the FX Pro window by using forex instrument lists.
  • Streamline your market analysis by focusing only on the securities you want to follow. Create instrument lists for different trading approaches, time frames, asset classes and more.

How to Create Instrument Lists in NinjaTrader

Follow these steps to build a custom instrument list:

  1. From the Control Center window, click Tools > Instrument Lists. The Instrument Lists window will appear. Several instrument lists are pre-built with NinjaTrader’s installation, such as Futures, Indexes and NASDAQ 100.
  2. Click “add” on the Lists side (left) to create a new instrument list. Type a name for your new instrument list, such as “Futures Watchlist,” and then click OK.
  3. Click “add” on the Instruments side (right).

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon and in the Instruments window that appears, search for the instrument you wish to add. For example, type “crude oil futures.”

  1. Left click once to select the desired instrument from the results and then click “OK.”

  1. Repeat as necessary to add additional instruments.

Create Instrument lists from other windows in NinjaTrader:

Instrument lists can also be created from the following windows in NinjaTrader. From within each window, simply right click and select “Create Instrument List.”

Watch how to create an instrument list in this short video:

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