Will April’s Jobs Report Subside Concerns?

april 2019 jobs employment unemployment GDP

Following recent employment reports, there has been speculation whether the historic trend in job growth is coming to an end. Although March numbers were strong with excellent GDP growth and 200,00 new jobs added, February’s report was weaker than expected.

Investors unconvinced by March’s jobs report and deterred by some recent questionable economic data will seek answers in tomorrow’s report. Based on ADP’s expectation of 275,000 new jobs for April, it does appear that short-term concerns may subside for now.

The consensus range for Friday’s report is from 160,000 to 240,000, a wide but robust expectation. For those who follow employment data as a barometer of the economy, a strong April report would signal further expansion ahead.

Much like the FOMC meeting earlier this week, it is likely that Friday’s report will come and pass with little effect on markets. As the economy hums along and grinds higher, these announcements become less unique.

While things appear to be steady, an unexpected number could cause short term volatility in the markets. Thus, employing proper risk mitigation measures such as protective stops and targets is imperative.

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