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NinjaTrader Webinar: Forex 101

Trading Forex with NinjaTrader

Что: Занятие по программному обеспечению

Когда: По расписанию расписание

Продолжительность: Примерно 45-60 минут

Стоимость: Бесплатно для всех участников



Understand the subtle but important differences involved in trading Spot Forex versus trading Futures or Equities.


  • Basic Forex terminology and how it applies to NinjaTrader
  • FX Pro Order Entry Window: Learn to use a tool that is designed to give the Forex trader every advantage
  • FX Board: Real-time dealing rates interface for quickly monitoring and trading currency pairs
  • What you need to know about lot size variation before placing live trades

New to Forex?

Before this event CLICK HERE to watch a video that will help simplify some essential terms and concepts involved in trading Forex.

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