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NT8 - First time user's feeling

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    NT8 - First time user's feeling

    Here is my first feedback on the NT8 beta

    I must say that it is a very good work. A BIG WELL DONE to the NinjaTrader's Team.

    My first feeling when I swap from NT7 to NT8 was very good actually. As a brand new user of NT8, I was not lost in a brand new UI but on the contrary it seemed very familiar. The changes (as far as I saw) are quite good and intuitive giving a great User experience.

    The migration from NT7 to NT8 worked fine and I was able to connect to Kinetick and open a chart without any trouble.

    As a Trader, I can't say much more things because I don't have my indicators translated in NT8 nor my working environment.

    As a developer, I must say that the changes in the NinjaScript editor are quite good. Still the same thing : it is plenty of little details which make the UI very comfortable and easy to use.
    Of course the .NET framework is also a very good thing and this was my first expectation for NT8. C# is a powerful language, with many improvements. I hope you will be able to update the framework when a new one will be available without coding a new version of NT from scratch.
    I've started to translate my indicators and it is less complicated than what I was expecting even if I experimented some trouble (see below). The documentation and coding examples are a great help.

    Just few things :
    1. I've reported a bug here regarding the DashStyleHelper. I can't make it work and I can't see where I'm wrong.
    2. I think there is a little "Copy/Paste" error in the documentation regarding the "Multi-Objective Optimization". There are 3 subsections, and the first and second are relative to the "Walk Forward Optimization". The third is fine.
    3.In NT7, it was common to override the ToString method of an indicator to change the name displayed on the chart. I found the NT8 equivalent but it doesn't appear in the code breaking changes section (maybe because it was not documented, but yet, very used by many developpers). Here is the little change (for those who are interested) :
    //NT7 version
    public override string ToString(){return "My Awesome Indicator";}
    //NT8 version
    public override string DisplayName{ get{ return "My Awesome Indicator"; }}
    Well that's it for now. Again, this is a very good job what you've done with NT8.


    Christophe -
    CEO Azur Investment Technologies "AzurITEC" sas
    3rd Party Add-On Vendor
    Last edited by AzurITec_Chris; 05-29-2015, 09:02 AM.

    We appreciate the feedback and the kind words! We sincerely hope you enjoy using NinjaTrader 8 has much as we enjoyed developing it.

    Regarding your bugs, I believe we were able to resolve #1 in your other thread.

    We will have #2 fixed - thanks for pointing out

    For #3 - you're correct it was never officially documented in the help guide, however we have documented here in this reference sample which was updated for NinjaTrader 8 as well:

    I'll go ahead and mention that the reference samples were updated in the code breaking changes as I'm not sure everyone is in the habit of checking that section.

    Thanks again for the feedback!
    MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


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