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What I found thus far.

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    What I found thus far.


    I would like to give feedback based on what I love and what I didn't love so much. I will give out 2 scores; the first one will be on how much I love it (or didn't love it) and the second one will be based on importance. The reason for 2 scores is because I want you to know how much I like it and at the same time, I would like for you to also know how important I feel it maybe to the general population. For instance, letís say that I drive a Mustang convertible and love to have my roof down and air conditioning isnít that important to me. I might give out a score of 7 for how much I like the air conditioning, but would certainly give it a score of 10 for importance since almost everyone would like to cut the AC on during the summer and people wouldnít care about lowering their roofs. For both scores, 10 is either my favorite or most important and 1 being my least favorite or least important.

    Let me started:

    I love the drawing tools. It has all of the important tools that I personally feel that people would like. It has the rectangle (good for pointing out consolidation), the arc (good for cup and handle), lines (good for support and resistance), ruler (good to see how far something has moved), Fibonacci (tool that a lot of traders use and there for makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy), text (to keep track of wins and losses), and finally chart marker (to indicate the direction).

    Let's go a little deeper:

    Rectangle: I found the rectangle tool to be perfect. 10 and 5.

    Arc tool: I found the arc tool pretty difficult to use, it might be me . One recommendation I have for the arc tool is for someone to be able to draw a straight line and then be able to click at the center of the line and drag it until user is satisfied; the endpoints should be fixed. My score is 4 and I would say that for how much of a big deal this is, I will say 3.

    Ruler: The ruler was not being updated when I used it. Iím sure this would get fix before released. One thing that I like was the angle percentage that I found in another platform. The reason why this is somewhat important is because if prices been rising very steeply, it might just be that some company decided to enter a position and caused that spike; it doesnít necessary mean that we are in a trend. 9 and 6 are my scores.

    Fibo: I believe the angle should also be implemented here too. I give it 9 and 7.

    Lines: I found all the lines tool perfect except the horizontal line tool. I would like to see an option for the line to be extended only to the right. I would love to be able to see these lines disappear after a preset period of time. This would help prevent the chart from being too saturated with lines. My score 8 and 8.

    Text: 10 and 6

    Chart markets: 10 and 4

    The ability to program drawing objects:

    Highly innovative and this would allow the user to quickly address some of the short-comings that I mentioned earlier. 10 and 4.


    Letís talk about the layout. This was something that I wasnít a fan of in Ninjatrader 7 and unfortunately, it didnít change in NJ8. Iím not a fan of having too many windows open at a single time. NJ8 does ease the pain by giving out multiple tabs to flick through when looking at multiple instruments. I would love to have the OPTION to be able to have a single window that allows me to analyze charts, place and modify orders, and see the status of my positions at the very minimum. This was the very first thing that I checked for when I downloaded NJ8, so it is pretty important to me. I will give it a 3, but Iím sure Iím one of the few that is making a big deal about this, so I will give the level of importance a 5. Iím sure other users wouldnít mind having all of these important info in one window.

    Indicators, Strategies, Backtesting, Simulator, and finally optimizer.

    I havenít use these features yet in NJ8, but I used them a lot in NJ7. If the programmers didnít take away any of these features from NJ7, Iím sure that it is still good in NJ8. One thing that I heard is that I can now backtest my strategies by entering a trade as soon as the conditions are satisfied. I canít tell you have much of a headache saver this is. My score 10 and importance 10.

    The GUI

    The look is great. I plan on spending a lot of time either programming, trading, or back testing and my working environment is very important to me. I hate to admit it, but it has affected my desire to work with a particular software. I will give this a score of 9. For importance, I will give it a 6.

    P & F Charts

    Iím grateful to have this because some charts do not offer this. I give it a 10 and 3.

    Stop-loss and profit-target

    Ninjatrader is the best in the industry as far as the flexibility that the platform gives the user for setting profit targets, stop-loss, and trailing stop-loss. Iím sure this is something that is very important for other users as well; hence, I will give it a 10 and a 10.

    Picking Data

    I feel that clicking on a connection that is different from the current selection should automatically disconnect from old and reconnect to the new. I will give it a score of 9 because it really isnít a big deal and a one for importance because Iím sure other users donít care either.

    I feel like Iím at home.

    This important and Adobe and Microsoft have been very good at not changing things too much. A user would love to be able to start using a software without having to learn everything all over again. Ninjatrader 8 has delivered on this one. 10 and 8.

    I would like to finish by saying that I feel that Ninjatrader is the best platform out there for giving out tools that users feel that are important. It is the best for managing orders within trades. Ninjatrader also good for backtesting and autotrading.

    You may have noticed that some of the scores for importance are low. That doesn't mean anything bad. A matter of fact, some of them went on to get a very high score from me personally. P & F charting was one that I gave a very high score too, but P & F is a chart that people don't really use that much ( as far as I know) and that is why I gave it the score that I gave it for importance.
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    I would love to have the OPTION to be able to have a single window that allows me to analyze charts, place and modify orders, and see the status of my positions at the very minimum.
    Sounds to me that that is exactly what Chart Trader does? No?


      I was using that feature and it does allow me to enter trades and modify.I can also look at the chart and see profit target, stop-loss, and order size. With that said, it makes my experience better. What I was saying earlier was that I kind of prefer for pretty much everything to be in one window, but I gave it a low score for importance. Thanks for the response.


        Do you have NT7 experience?

        Which other platforms/experience are you referring to?


          Pretty much any major platform you can think of Sledge. MT4, cTrader, TOS, Protrader, Netdania, and more.Yes, I do have Ninjatrader 7 experience.
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            Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. It is very helpful to be able to get inside the mind of a trader who has taken the time to think through each of the items that is important in his day-to-day routine.

            For the suggestions that you've made, I will be adding them one-by-one to our suggestion tracking, and I'll update this thread with tracking ID's for the suggestions soon.

            Since you've been so helpful, I'd like to ask you to think about one more thing, if I could. You mentioned a few things that score 10 for Importance (automatically placing stop losses and profit targets, familiarity of design, strategy backtesting). Can you think of any other areas which you would score a 9 or 10 in importance? In other words, what are the elements that you would consider a deal-maker when done right, and a deal-breaker when done wrong? This could even include wish-list items that we may not have implemented yet.

            Thank you.

            Here's a quick update for you with the tracking ID's for your suggestions:

            SFT-551 - Arc Drawing Tool

            SFT-552 - Ruler Tool

            SFT-553 - Fibonacci Tools

            SFT-183 - Added your vote for ray-style horizontal lines
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            Dave I.NinjaTrader Product Management


              Hi Dave,

              NinjaTrader pretty much have all the important stuff. NinjaTrader has 2 different audiences: traders and programmers. I can't tell you how valuable the order management, back-testing, simulator, optimizer, and the ease of writing the code. Ninjatrader is well of head of it competitors in those areas and since they are so important, this is enough to win me and probably a lot of people over. Ninjascript reference was the best that I found in any API, not just trading. It includes not only the functions and parameters, but also an example and crucial notes that a programmer should note. If I had to come up with something, it would be to display the spread on the chart trader. This would be less relevant for daytraders and swing traders since the cost is a lot less compared to their profit target. When I did scalp the market (I kind of went away because of high transaction costs), if I had seen spreads as low as 0.1 a few seconds ago and the current spread is 0.5, I might wait to see if it hits 0.1 or 0.2 again. I never waited more than 20 seconds depending how prices are moving.

              Just to note, the importance score was just something that I quickly came with on the top of my head. I don't have a special algorithm that I used. I might come up with one later. Now that I think of it, I should had gave trend-lines a higher score since most technical analyst used those to place their trades. I probably should downgrade similarities from previous version to something like 8 instead of a 10. When a new product comes out, I like to be able to get started immediately without things being too different. But it wouldn't 'break' or 'make' a software


                Thank you again. We've heard the suggestion about displaying spread in Chart Trader before, and I've combined all of the previous votes with your vote into SFT-556.
                Dave I.NinjaTrader Product Management


                  Thanks Dave!!


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