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how stable is the beta version

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    how stable is the beta version

    I am tempted to install the beta but want to figure out how stable it is.
    do we have more defects created vs resolved?
    any feedback on when the reelase will get firmed up?

    I am still coding on NT7 for my trading platform and am excited to move on but very cautious as platform stability is the highest priority for me today.

    If you are looking to exclusively trade live, then it is advisable to stick with the fully released and supported Version 7 at this point in time. It is entirely possible to trade live in NinjaTrader 8, but as a product in the closed beta phase, stability is not guaranteed at any point.

    That being said, the most recent closed beta build is certainly stable enough to start playing around and getting acquainted with the new features and user interface changes while simulation trading.
    Dave I.NinjaTrader Product Management


      Question is fairly subjective so I'll allow other beta testers to give their feedback on the stability, but we're very pleased as a team with the results we've seen so far. Our issue tracking system shows far more issues done than outstanding at the time of this writing. We're getting about 200~ fixes per release (we're gearing up for beta release 4 here shortly), but a lot of those are minor nuisances and we have not had any major road blockers reported so far.

      We'll go open beta very shortly depending on the feedback from the next closed beta release. Feedback in open beta will determine when we go to a production release. No ETA but fingers tightly crossed.
      MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


        I am finding the Beta to be stable. I have a few areas of concern, and the NT Support team, and this community have been EXCELLENT at helping me resolve questions/issues.

        Running Windows 8, and Windows 7 (64bit) and NT8.

        I am NOT live trading the account, so the pressure is off me. I WILL be testing NT8 on my Interactive Brokers PAPER account as soon as I complete the NT8 porting of all my NT7 indicators and strategies.


        1) I have some niggling issues with my connection. I need to put in a ticket for this one, keeps dropping my connection, then reconnects it. Not sure if I should use Kinetic with IQ Feed, or direct to Kinetic with no feed. Not a big deal, it does seem to keep running:
        See pic attached

        2) Market replay is crashing - again, I have not put in a ticket for this yet due to code porting issues. I DO like the max replay speed. I am confused on what I can download, and what I need to "record" from he live feed I have during the day. As far as I can tell so far, I can only replay the data I "record" live. Not fully explored with support yet.

        3) NT7 to NT8 Code porting. As I said, I have a lot of code I have written and it is taking me MONTHS to port the code.

        3a) No UserDefinedMethods. Now using AddOns. Took me a long time to figure this out with support
        3b) DataSeries to ISeries - Big change in code, where it is located, how to pass it to methods (again my C# isn't as strong as it needs to be, but I am struggling).
        3c) All the drawing methods IE: DrawRay = Draw.Ray - seemingly a whole bunch of simple changes, but all add up to a major pain in the butt.
        3d) Changes in the way properties are defined - I ended up using the wizard, creating the properties I will use, then retro fitting my code to the new sections.
        3e) The whole OnStateChange (Setup, defaults...) again, moves code around, but it all takes time to do, test, compile, test again.
        3f) Love the 2 output panels
        3g) really struggling with the secondary sync of multiple time frames. I did with NT7 too though.
        3h) the help system has moved everything around - I still can't find stuff quickly - IE: BarsArray, or where the help on the standard indicators went ... it is frustrating. That will go away, but when you are in the middle of it, it is a pain.

        Anyway, suffice to say, this was WAY more work than I wanted, or expected to do. I think it will pay off though, there is a lot more functionality.

        NT Support is phenomenally good, and the community is fantastic too - I have had lots of help, you put your hand up, help is there - sometimes immediately.

        I would suggest you just start porting code. Start simple, build on it... it takes a while. I am getting used to it now.

        My 2 cents.
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          It's stable enough to get your hands dirty with it. It will take some time for you to port your code... you'll have to decide if you have the time to do that.

          The market replay at MAX is fast. I have 30 hours of NT7 replay compressed down to 6 hours on my desktop and 3 hours on a laptop.


            Feels solid

            Minor issues but I find it to be solid. I am allowing it to do live trading next week but the porting and execution has in large part been excellent plus the ability to profile the performance of my external DLLs (being that NT8 is .net 4+) was a no brainer for the payoff.


              Beta 6 is MUCH BETTER

              Hi just an update. Beta 6 is MUCH better. I could not use previous versions of the NT8 beta for a variety of reasons (multi timeframe issues, market replay crashing....)

              These have now been fixed and I am completing my port from NT7 to NT8 and hope to gain significant benefits as I test IB integration and auto trading.

              GREAT WORK NT SUPPORT !! I know how hard your team is working - much appreciated !


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