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Latest Resharper 9.2 breaks NT8 Visual Studio project.

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    Latest Resharper 9.2 breaks NT8 Visual Studio project.

    I would like to report, that
    latest version of widely used Resharper addon for Visual Studio 2015
    completely breaks the NT8 project by reporting thousands of problems in the code.
    It fails in resolving all dependencies so it reports code problems almost on each line.

    This is where thing start to be broken:
    • Resharper 9.0 - works great
    • Resharper 9.1.3 - works great
    • Resharper 9.2 - miserably fails and reports thousands of problems everywhere

    I would suggest to look at it and maybe identify the problem or report it to JetBrains (creator). Problem is, that this plugin is widely used by thousands of developers, because it is No1 productivity addon for VisualStudio.

    Because of broken Resharper, many people will have problems with NinjaTrader8 projects and editing them in Visual Studio. It just miserable fails - due to the Resharper, not because of NT8 project, that is valid.

    It is very easily reproducible problem - just install the latest release of Resharper and see thousands of problems reported in completely valid code. Reason is, that is somehow fails to resolve any dependency DLLs, so all referenced classes and properties are unknown. The reason is so clear, that it should not be hard to find why, it behaves so badly in latest release 9.2.

    It would be great if developers could look at it, because they can find the cause much faster or raise issue for JetBrains. They can solve critical bugs in hours if needed and release new fixed version in a few days.

    See the attachment:

    I just want to point out - that all older versions of Resharper works great and completely without any problem.

    It is very easy to reproduce in 2 steps:
    1. just install older version of Resharper 9.1.3 - this should work great
    2. then install latest version of Resharper 9.2 (it updates the old installation) - and thousands of errors are reported.

    • I reproduced it on 2 separate computers and fails reliably. Tested on clean NT8.
    • And I can confirm, that it is caused by something broken in Resharper 9.2 because by
    • downgrading to previous release of Resharper 9.1.3, all problems are immediately away and everything works smoothly again.

    You can find older releases here:

    The latest problematic release 9.2 can be downloaded here: https://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/download/

    Thousands of people are using this addon around the world, so this should be resolved to ensure good experience, when people open NT8 project in Visual Studio. If it could not be fixed, NT8 should notify all developers about existing problems with this widely used productivity tool. But probably, there will be a quick fix, I hope.
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    While we are fans of and use resharper ourselves, we will not go out of our way to support this 3rd party add-on. As it stands, this is pretty low priority for us and will not be spending development resources to have any issues fixed with 3rd party programs. If it's causing problems for you, please feel free to report to resharper.
    MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


      The EAP worked solved a bunch of my problems in this regard.Seehttp://www.ninjatrader.com/support/forum/showthread.php?t=78412&referrerid=40045


        Resharper 10 EAP7 works without problems.
        Thank you.

        I can recommend also older version like Resharper 9.1.3, that also works fine.


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