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Error on requesting bars series: unknown instrument

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    Error on requesting bars series: unknown instrument

    When opening a multi-instrument chart I get numerous popup windows each with the error:

    Error on requesting bar series: Unable to load historical data unknown instrument.

    This occurs for any common exchange traded stock ticker. I believe this is a known Kinetick error message passing thru to NT and it is not NT's fault.

    However, I would like to avoid my finger get RSI from clicking and closing these individual popup error messages perhaps by routing to one of the output windows instead?

    Is there a way to disable or route these error message to an output window ? I recall that this was on the threads for NT7 as a "issue" to be addressed in NT8. (i.e. preventing hundreds of popup windows from spamming the screen each requiring their own click to close).

    I attached a log image of the complete error message given with the popup. Also, any way to avoid this? I can assist in replicating this if you have the need.


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    Hello number1,

    Thank you for your post,

    There's not a way to route the error messages to an output window -- I checked with the team that tracks these requests and they had nothing so far, though I will forward it to them on your behalf.

    Regarding the errors you're receiving, are you manually entering the stock stock symbols or using the Search feature to find the pre-configured instruments in the instrument database?

    On my end, I was able to open the multi-asset chart with both methods and didn't receive any errors. If this is persisting, could you please include detailed steps to reproduce in your reply?

    Thank you for testing!
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service



      Thank you for getting back to me and thank you very much for trying to replicate the problem.I will put together steps to replicate but a problem might be that one prerequisite is the indicator needs to be started prior to the session open.

      I am trying to find the NT7 thread discussing this without luck. I recall a few people having the problem and NT getting involved (Matthew, etc.). I recall that the problem at the time was identified to be Kinetick and the reason was that when starting a multi-instrument indicator that pulls from Kinetick and starting that indicator before there is data (before opening of market) will give this error for each instrument in the indicator.

      "Error on requesting bar series: Unable to load historical data: Unknown instrument"

      So if you have a bunch of instruments you will get a bunch of errors and popups and the indicator will fail to start requiring a restart.

      If you start the same indicator after the market is open all is well. It's just that Kinetick is trying to get an instrument that does not have data yet and the error is caused.

      I will endeavor to research more (find the NT7 thread) and help you get setup to replicate. Thanks for getting back to me with your reply.




        found one previous (old) thread discussing on NT7


          indicator code


          Can I send you a small indicator with code to help diagnose? Not to worry, its just a few lines to help replicate.



            Replicating Script Found


            I have found a way to replicate the bug without requiring the indicator to be started prior to the market open. Rather than send a script (I still can if you like) I think I can explain how you can do it easily yourself.

            Create a daily chart of anything (AAPL).

            Add a ticker that has not traded TODAY. This is why I said it needed to be done prior to the market open as there are many common stocks that haven't posted a print yet in pre-market. HOWEVER, rather than requiring a pre-dawn work arrival to replicate, which I know you were anxious to do, the same issue can be shown using a stock that is halted today.

            I would expect this behavior (indicator to throw up errors) for a halted stock, but the problem is it happens for many of even the top NASDAQ-100 stocks that have yet to post a pre-market trade. This causes an indicator that has started prior to the market open to bug out with the error historical data unavailable: instrument not found. As mentioned I get dozens of these popup errors every morning requiring a restart of the indicator once the stocks have posted a print.

            Here is how to replicate today using a halted stock.

            Create a chart with say AAPL.
            Add a second instrument (any halted stock that hasn't posted a print today, such as: WILC)

            One would think that the AddDataSeries wouldn't fail given a daily series where all tickers traded previous days. But if one ticker hasn't posted a trade print TODAY, it fails.

            Please let me know how you get on. This has to be a fairly common problem assuming I am not doing something (coding) wrong. I am adding the dataseries in the configure state. Not sure what I can do.



              More debug Information found

              I have opened a conversation with Kinetick who is interested in this bug.

              If has been elusive as it requires a unique situation:

              Indicator must be started prior to one of the added instruments (via AddDataSeries) having posteda trade print TODAY. The indicator data series can be daily, weekly, tick, doesn't matter. The main data series can be any ticker. The additional ticker must have not printed a trade today.

              You can replicate this by using a ticker that has not traded today such as a halted ticker (WILC works for today only). Kinetick will throw an error to NinjaTrader's AddDataSeries function for multi-instrument charts.

              For example WILC is halted today. It traded yesterday. Add it to an indicator as a 2nd instrument (via AddDataSeries) a multi-instrument chart, and the indicator will crash and require a reload to run.

              I believe this has something to do with AddDataSeries and Kinetick's historical lookup logic. It first checks for a print TODAY, and if not it throws up when NT calls AddDataSeries().

              There is something with Kinetick and NT's AddDataSeries that isn't behaving well together.

              At least I have pinpointed this bug after several years of frustration. Curiosuly, the bug will be rampant a day after a holiday session. There have been numerous posts about that in the past (NT7) without resolution.




                Hello number1,

                Thank you for locating the post and narrowing the issue!

                The Kinetick error when there's not been a recent tick update on a instrument is one we are familiar with, sorry for the oversight when you made your initial post.

                I will forward your findings to Developed as well to look into with the bug report.

                Thank you for testing and your interest in NinjaTrader!
                Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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