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Kinetick Unknown Instrument Insanity Error

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    Kinetick Unknown Instrument Insanity Error

    I must be insane as this is a replicate-able error. I face it every day and have done so for several years now praying that NT8 would somehow fix it. It hasn't. Anyone with any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the error I have lived with since 2014:

    If a stock hasn't posted a print today. Kinetick will not pull the data into a mult-instrument (AddDataSeries) indicator. The indicator and main instrument can be daily, weekly, anything. In other words, if a stock added via AddDataSeries inside State.Configure hasn't posted a trade an error is thrown and the indicator will not load.

    It is easy to replicate in one of two ways. The first requires starting the indicator before the market open. The second shows the same error using a trick (halted stock) allowing one to sleep in and help me diagnose this instead

    Pre-Market Open method:
    1) Load an multi-instrument indicator containing one stock that hasn't posted a trade print today. On loading, the AddDataSeries will throw up the errors:

    "Error on requesting bars series: Unable to load historical data: unknown instrument"

    Halted stock method:
    2) Load an multi-instrument indicator containing one stock that hasn't posted a trade print today using any halted stock (upon writing this, WILC is halted and works to replicate the error). On loading, the AddDataSeries will throw up the same error in 1) above.

    So Kinetick, for some reason checking the stock ticker today, if it hasn't posted a print, it considers the stock unavailable and throws the error causing the indicator to not load and fail.

    I have to consider that I am doing something wrong here (for years now) as this can't be accepted by Ninja Trader. I put this aside and suffered thru this daily hoping for a NT8 rescue. NT8 is out and is not the solution, I am back at the forums asking for assistance! I appreciate all of your time. Having to stare at the Time of Last Trade to start an indicator is ... insane

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hello number1,

    So that I may reproduce the behavior with NinjaTrader 7 I need to:
    1. Create a simple script that adds one additional data series.
    2. ADD("AAPL", PeriodType.Minute, 1);
    3. Connect to Kinetick
    4. Open the script before the start of the session at 9:30 AM EST

    By taking this steps I will be able to reproduce the behavior with NinjaTrader 7, is this correct?
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Chelsea,

      There is a 2nd thread going on in the NT 8 Bugs forum on this topic. Can we merge?

      Yes, you can replicate but the key condition is that the additional instrument added to the indicator (you can use the indicator create wizard) cannot have traded today (regardless of it trading yesterday, etc.).

      If that additional instrument added via AddDataSeries hasn't posted a trade the indicator will crash.

      Rather than get up early and setting up the indicator after finding a ticker that hasn't posted a trade yet, you can substitute with a halted ticker (WILC today works).

      I add several big caps tickers to my multi-instrument, and if they haven't posted a trade and the indicator is started, it will crash daily. I have to restart the indicator after confirming all added instrument have posted a trade.

      There is something with Kinetick and AddDataSeries that is behaving incorrectly.

      Anyhow, much more detail is in the NT8 bug forum.

      Thanks for looking into this Chelsea




        Hi Number1,

        No, I will not be able to merge threads on the forum, but we can delete this thread if you would like.

        I do not recommend posting the same question multiple times on the forum. Avoiding this allows the NinjaTrader Support resources to be used more efficiently.

        Before continuing to NinjaTrader 8, I want to identify what the behavior you are experiencing with NinjaTrader 7 is.

        Attached is a script that adds WILC as the secondary data series. I am not able to produce any errors when using this instrument when connected to Kinetick.

        To clarify, I will not need to open the chart with the indicator before 9:30 AM EST, is this correct? I should be able to reproduce at any time when using WILC as the secondary instrument?

        I have created a simple script to test this and I am unable to reproduce.
        Are you able to use this script without any modifications and reproduce the error on your end?

        Are you certain nothing else is needed to reproduce?
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        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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