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MAC: NT8 - Fusion 8 - Windows 10 Trial and Notes

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    MAC: NT8 - Fusion 8 - Windows 10 Trial and Notes

    Hi. I thought I would document my trial of running NT8 on a Mac Book Pro.

    I wanted to chose VMWare Fusion over Parallels because 1) I was familiar with VMWare ESX, 2) more importantly IF I ever get my strategies to work, I want the ability to move my VM to another MAC, or Windows Machine, or an VMWare ESX server for production running stability purposes - BUT - Fusion did install and work, but the Win10 desktop and NT8 had lots of issues. I decide to go with Parallels instead..

    Here is what I did.

    Mac Book Pro - 13" - 2.6GIG CPU with 2 cores, 8 GIG RAM, 500GB Flash disk
    VMware Fusion 8.1.0 (for Mac OS X)
    Windows 7 Pro (installed, then free upgrade to Windows 10)

    1) I downloaded the free Fusion 8 trial. I have a month to test this before I have to buy.
    2) installed Windows 7 Pro (installed, then free upgrade to Windows 10)

    ISSUE 1: I did NOT get the correct screen resolution - it was really low, like 640 X 400. I found this article, followed it, and now my screen resolution was the same as the Mac - really good

    A) First I disabled the Accelerate 3D Graphics setting for the VM.
    B) Then I uninstalled the VMWare tools on Win10, and then reinstalled VMWare tools on Fusion and Win10
    C) After the restart it gave me access to all the available resolutions and changed the driver to VMWare SVGA 3D.
    D) I then shut down the VM and re-enabled the Accelerate 3D Graphics setting for the VM.
    E) I then went into Win10 setup, display and set the resolution to 2880 X 1800. This got reset to 2550 X 1400 when I restarted. I will test this again to see if I can get it to stay at 2880.

    ISSUE 2: Windows 10 was very sluggish.
    WORK IN PROGRESS: I gave it 2 processors, and 4096 of Memory, that seemed to fix it, but it still seems to run slower than I does on my dedicated Intel box. I bumped the ram to 6gig and this didn't seem to help. I shouldn't need all that RAM I don't think.

    ISSUE 3: I could download NT8-B9, but I could not install it.
    RESOLUTION 3: Disable the sharing on the Virtual Machine. Then the install works as it would on Windows

    I installed NT8 from scratch, blank install, then I restored a backup from Windows and I am testing this now. This seemed to work, I have to enter all my connection settings in again, but no big deal. My charts did come up, but too early to say right now how they operate.

    ISSUE 4: NT8 is running really slow, unusable slow.
    1) I have given the Win10 VM 2 processors (max) and 6 gig of ram (max recommended). This should be lots, it is ONLY running NT8. The windows are slow. I start with a blank slate - new workspace, Kinetick real time running, single chart. Even just clicking on new chart, takes like 20 seconds to come up. Something seems wrong and I can't fix it.


    UPDATE on 3/6/2016

    1) Installed parallel free trial.
    2) I MIGRATED my Windows 7 PC over to the MAC using Paralles and a USB drive. The import didn't install correctly and blue screened when I started the Windows7 VM on the MAC. this was due to not having set the hard disk to IDE 0:1. Once I did that, then it booted, I installed the Parallel tools and configured it. I also deleted a TON of installed applications related to my old hardware. The VM seems to work ok. There is a delay on typing in NT8 editor though that is annoying. I have NOT tried "coherence" yet, where you run the application on the MAC desktop and not in the actual Windows 7 VM.

    4) I decided to give it 2 CPUs and 4GIG RAM, and 1GIG Video memory. This is working great
    5) Video display: I set the graphics to "Best for Retina, I got 3200 X 2000 resolution or something really big. I am not sure I can leave it like that, the text is pretty small.

    5) NT8 - runs, but I had to reinstall from scratch (the importing of the virtual machine did have all my stuff there, but it didn't seem to work on RANGE bar charts so I decided to reinstall. Turns out, I still have this issue and will ask NT support about that.

    - Download market replay for ES-0316
    - Created new connection to Kinetick real time
    - Created new charts for ES
    - Imported my indicators, strategies
    - Recompiled - all ok
    - Added my strategies and run them successfully

    PLAYBACK: If you change your date, you need to click on the chart or the chart will NOT redraw. Actually, this is the same on the PC as well.

    PLAYBACK seems slow. I run this at 100, 500, 1000, MAX and it all runs the same.
    UPDATE: This is unusable, it is too slow - I am going to see if I can increase the power to the VM.

    ISSUE: I will have to RE-ACTIVATE - ALL - my microsoft products - Office, Project, Windows OS on the new VM that I migrated from my old machine to the MAC - Parallels. These were all activated on my old IBM laptop.
    Last edited by DaFish; 03-06-2016, 02:33 PM.

    Thank you very much DaFish, If there is any way we can help on staff, please let us know.
    Jessica P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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