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Playback won't load

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    Playback won't load

    I'm having trouble starting my Playback Connection. When I hit select Playback Connection from the menu, the Playback dialog appears and the connection light turns green. However, The start and end dates on the Playback dialog are disabled, and the mouse cursor changes to the hourglass. It never leaves this state, even after several hours. It usually loads within a minute.
    I have several years of data for three instruments (ES, NQ, YM). I tried deleting items from the database db folder for data older than 2016, but it didn't help. I then tried to Reset the Database, but that didn't help either. I then removed all the data, but still no luck. Is there something else I can try?
    Other info: the Playback Connection has worked well since the start of the public beta release. Also, I tried the same steps on a second computer with the same data and the Playback connection worked fine. The computers have the same (latest) release of NinjaTrader 8, so the problem is likely not release-related, but it does appear to be computer-specific.
    Unfortunately, the computer that is not working is the only one with the resources to run the Playback connection with any reasonable performance. Can you suggest something that might get it working again?
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards, Brian Warren
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    I haven't seen this on all my machines.

    Are there any errors or exceptions in the log or trace files located in the log and trace folders?

    Have you tried with no charts loaded, a blank workspace? and only 1 workspace open? the rest closed?

    I'd probably remove the workspaces in the workspace folder.

    Maybe even remove the ui.xml in the main folder.



      Thank you for your post.

      So we can further diagnose your system, please start NinjaTrader in Safe Mode.
      Safe Mode will prevent NinjaTrader from:
      • Loading workspaces.
      • Connecting on start-up.
      • Loading custom assemblies.
      • Getting instrument updates from the server.

      To enable safe mode, please use the following steps:
      • Exit NinjaTrader.
      • Hold the CONTROL key and double click the NinjaTrader icon.
      • Keep the CONTROL key held down until you see the Control Center.
      • You can verify you are in safe mode by going to Help -> About.

      Please let me know if you can the reply data successfully.
      Christopher J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


        Hello Sledge,
        Thank you for the quick reply. When I cleared my workspace as you suggested, the Playback Connection worked again. By making incremental changes to the original workspace, I found that enabling Tick Replay was causing the problem.
        Thank you for helping me find the solution. Best regards, Brian Warren


          Hello Christopher,
          Thank you for showing me Safe Mode. That is a very useful feature. Putting my session into Safe Mode made the Replay work again. This helped me find the solution, which was that the Playback Connection did not work when one of my charts had Tick Replay enabled.
          Best regards, Brian Warren


            Originally posted by webcharacter View Post
            I found that enabling Tick Replay was causing the problem.
            I submitted an initial finding last night related to this.

            After excessively testing the playback replay trying to reproduce previous issues I had, I dropped the repay slider to some random time, tick replay happened, then it froze.

            Your finding is definitely confirming my suspicions. Thanks!

            I'll be sure to test this out some more.


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