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Data not accessible for Historical Data

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    Data not accessible for Historical Data

    This one has multiple faults it seems, or if not then maybe you can shed some light on what's going on. I've downloaded all NYSE symbols and imported them in the instrument list. I am connected, and can open the chart but only for the current day for those symbols.

    If I try to download historical data, while connected to TD Ameritrade and Kinetick for just End of Day data, I get no results. Instead I get the "TD Ameritrade has no data for 'stock symbol for request type 'DAY'". Now this part goes on, even when I disconnect from TD, and am NOT attempting to download historical Data.

    Of course, the chart still only has that single day.

    So here's my question, the stock symbols exist, but I can't pull historical data it seems, from a new instrument list. Any clue as to what's the issue here? Meanwhile it works for built in lists, that are also valid symbols - like SP500/Nasdaq 100 list.


    Hello lmatiukas,

    Thank you for your post,

    What method are you using to download the data?

    Also, by "this part goes on" do you mean the errors continue to generate even if you close the TD connection?

    Likely you will need to manually add the instruments into NinjaTrader.

    NinjaTrader comes pre-loaded with the most commonly traded instruments. Should you wish to add an instrument to your database that is not located in the pre-loaded lists, please follow these steps:

    Navigate to the Control Center > Tools > Instruments window.
    Left-click on the 'add' button that appears near the lower right-hand corner of the Instruments window.
    Enter instrument-specific symbol mapping, exchanges, and other information on the Instrument editor that appears. This information will largely depend on your broker or datafeed provider's specific settings regarding the instrument in question.
    Left-click the OK button once each field has been filled out with correct information.
    The new instrument has now been created in your database. Should you wish to add this instrument to an instrument list:

    Navigate to the Control Center > Tools > Instruments Lists window.
    Left-click to select the instrument list that you wish to add this instrument to in the left panel, then left-click on the 'add' button at the bottom of the right-hand panel.
    Type the name and (if applicable) front month of your instrument in the search field that appears. Press the Enter button on your keyboard to confirm this change.
    Left-click the OK button to close the Instrument Lists window.
    Your new instrument is now added to the instrument list of your choice.
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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