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Historical data servers

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    Historical data servers

    i am connected to CQG and using NT8
    when i open a chart or SupperDOM from where the historical data arrive CQG server or ninjatrader server ?

    how do i know to which historical data server i am connected to
    who are the historical data servers related to me (as CQG data provider )
    where they are located geographically and ip address
    can i control to which data server i will be connected to?
    How can I force a switch between data servers
    When my real data arrive fine but historical data does not arrive what should be done ?

    Hello doron,

    Thank you for your post,

    The historical data servers for CQG / Continuum / NinjaTrader Continuum data feeds with NinjaTrader are managed by NinjaTrader and are stored in Chicago.

    You can check which server you're connecting to via the Control Center's log tab, when connected you should see "Using HDS" -- this will also list the IP address and server (remove the numbers after the / symbol if you need to run tests to the IP, also please do not post the server IP on the forum for security purposes)

    You're not able to determine or switch between servers on your end, it's automatic. When connected, if you do ever see that the chart right click option "Reload all historical data" is grayed out or not available, then this indicates you're not connected to the server. Usually a restart of NinjaTrader will resolve this. If it does not, you can contact use at PlatformSupport[At]NinjaTrader[dot]Com along with what you're seeing and what data provider you're connecting to. We'll be able to verify what's happening and resolve the server issue on our end.
    Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service



      i attached information from the log

      no ip address here

      dont you have servers in europe ? only chicago ?

      i think you should enable user to mark a specified server as a one which is no good for him i.e. not interested to be connected to that one

      yesterday i had problems with historical server and i really needed that feature
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        Hello doron,

        Thank you for your reply,

        No, the historical data servers are currently only housed in Chicago.

        The URL listed in the parenthesis resolves to the historical data server's IP address, you'll just need to remove the / and the numbers after it when running ping or trace tests to the address.

        If you do run into historical data issues with the CQG / Continuum / NinjaTrader Continuum connections, please report it to us so we can look into it and resolve it for all users, or we may just need to advise troubleshooting steps if its an issue isolated to your system and not all users.
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        Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          i guess one user ( like me ) is connected to a single historical data server at time , and that server support all instruments from all sources . If so , how can you explain that i got good data for CL , 6E , TF , but no data to ES ?


            Hello doron,

            Thank you for your reply,

            I tested the NinjaTrader Continuum connection on my end loading the ES 09-16 contract and was able to receive historical data.

            This indicates he issue is not with the servers but rather with an item on your end that is preventing the chart data from showing.

            To test, please take the following steps to have NinjaTrader 8 launch in Safe Mode.

            1. Close NinjaTrader 8
            2. Hold the Ctrl Key + double click the NinjaTrader 8 icon
            3. When launched, the NinjaTrader 8 splash screen that appears when loading should say Safe Mode.

            This will cause NinjaTrader to launch without your saved workspaces and also will Connect on Startup disabled.

            Try opening up a new ES 09-16. Make sure when opening the chart to select <None> from the top right "Load template only" drop down menu as the template items could be related to the issue.

            If there are no issues in this workspace, try opening your saved workspace via the Workspaces menu.

            We look forward to assisting further.
            Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              I would like to understand how historical data are managed by ninja platform (NT8)
              Please check what I wrote and correct me if I am wrong
              Suppose I open ninja with blank workspace ( no charts )
              I connect ninja to the market ( CQG in my case )
              I open a new chart with TICK REPLAY, chartA , with ES which starts 3 days ago .
              The historical data comes from historical data servers of ninja.
              The chart is loaded with the historical data and updated in real time from servers of CQG
              I open another new chart , chartB with ES with TICK REPLAY.
              ChartB starts also 3 days ago with the same bars as chartA .
              From where the historical data to chartB comes from?
              I open another new chart , chartC with ES with TICK REPLAY.
              ChartC starts also 3 days ago with bars different from chartA .
              From where the historical data to chartC comes from?
              I close all 3 charts .
              I open chartA again from where the historical data to chartA comes from?


                Hello doron,

                Thank you for your post,

                The initial chart would load the data from our historical data servers, all subsequent charts would access cached historical data. See the below section of our help guide for more information on this topic.

                Eric B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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