Starting April 1, 2012 the CBOE will increase the cost of real-time data for the CBOE Indexes from $4.50 to $5.00 per month. If you are current Kinetick subscriber to the CBOE Indexes then this increase will be reflected on your April 1st invoice.

A list of CBOE Indexes is available at the Kinetick Symbol Search page:

At the same time, April 1st, Kinetick will no longer include forex data from Barclays as part of the forex data packages. Basic Forex will comprise of data from FXCM only, and Premium Forex will consist of FXCM and Tenfore data.

If you are currently subscribed to real-time forex data with Kinetick and using Barclays' forex data then please contact Kinetick for assistance at: