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    T2020, I have no idea why it's not matching for you. I don't have the finalg app to compare with. I imagin it could be any of 100 different little things. On my app, the number of slots may combine price points, if the tick range for that day is larger than the total slots selected (program has 500 as a max, but you could change code to allow more, down in the properties area).

    This app uses the data from the chart selected (calc's per 5 min. bar on a 5 min. chart), where some other's may use a different underlying data stream (calc's off of per tick data, regardless of chart size). Could get differences with that.

    I am doing the calcs. as you mentioned, so that's not it (unless it's not doing it correctly).



      OK , thanks for posting back Dean . Perhaps finalg is following a different
      set of rules . Thought I'd ask anyway . Thanks again .


        Originally posted by DeanV View Post
        cclsys, my coded does it's own thing in regards to session id's. Though not perfect in all casses, it does allow sessions through the overnight. To match other indicators to that, I would use that.

        If you want to try and modify a version of the code, it's really not that hard. In the OnBarUpdate, look at how the added "if(showRtPOC)" works, and do something like that except instead of calling StuffHits_BarRange, call your new code to calc what you want. Add or reuse plot lines you want to plot the new stuff, and you have the basics. I'd default PresentMethod to zero, or just delete the Plot call, since you wouldn't need any of that.

        Hope that helps.
        DeanV: thanks for that. I missed it earlier for some reason. Don't understand it, but will go back to school and maybe all will become clear!

        On separate thread posted a dynPVP error pic.


          I am curious on what needs to be done to port this indicator to NT7.
          I presume it has to do with session support and the legacy drawing functions.
          Does NT7 not have similar drawing functions?


            If you want to try to update to NT7 - at least 2 things I know of so far...

            IntSeries - NT7 defaults these to 256. This program needs ALL so the call needs changed as per post 59 in this thread.

            I also used a few calls to ChartControl.GetXByBarIdx on the last version. The params on this are different in NT7 also so would need changing.

            There may be others, but I don't have NT7 yet, so cant tell you more.


              Found a way to synchronise hvwap within a DValueAreaSkew Indicator by changing hvwap's start/end times in the Properties Menu from Settings to Paramaters. Now the Skew Indy and vwap start at same times.

              Note: if you download this code it will change your hvwap Properties Menu so back up the hvwap first if you want to be sure to preserve it.

              The lines changed are:
              "[Description("hVWAP Start Time. hh:mm:ss (24 hr clock). If Start Time >= End Time then indicator ends on following day. Does not span more than 24 hours.")]
              [Gui.Design.DisplayName("\t\t\t\t\t\tStart Time")]
              public string StartTimeString


              and the same for the End Time section where I changed 'Settings' in original code to "Parameters" in section above. That was it. Getting the Skew indy to read the start-end times was a little tricky, but luckily am getting a little better and Ninja script now and it didn't take long to figure out.

              Whether this indy is helpful or not is too early to say, although it does show promise and is original. At least now it is easy to set up with indy values reflecting same calcs as those on main chart, which wasn't the case before.
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                Hello cclsys,

                Just got the indicator loaded - lot of work!
                I looked through the code but in the dark as to how to interpret (use) this, any pointers?


                  1. The "Diff" line (green)?
                  This is the difference between the POC and the VWAP?

                  Answer: there is an option (first input). Either its the difference
                  between the last closing price and the vwap, or the closing price and
                  the PVP. So the line shows you how far away you are from the PVP. (I
                  usually choose PVP). That PVP is the zero line so the bands are drawn
                  above and below that zero line, the theory being that this is the last
                  generally agreed upon fair market price.

                  2. YOur dskew script is "within" dvalue script, and I can see the sam
                  options ie: Evloving VAt, VAb, POC etc..but I'm not understanding. The
                  dvalue options do not appear on the chart?
                  This is correct is it?

                  Answer: Yes. You don't have to load Dvalue in the main chart, but of
                  course I usually do. This indy is designed to go in the lower panel.

                  If so, then I pressume you just needed to have the dvalue script to
                  make your dskew,? which is all ok I just wanted to understand.?

                  Answer: I am not sure if you need it. I think the indicator works on
                  its own since I just added stuff inside the Dvalue, but at the same
                  time I took away certain things like plotting the histograms etc.
                  You'll have to look at the code. The simplest thing is to have both
                  (like I do), but in answer to your question I am pretty sure the skew
                  indy will run on its own.

                  As it happens, I have been making good use of those very same "dvalue"
                  Evolving VAt, VAb and POC lines on a range chart, but have to have
                  that dvalue indi loaded in addition to your dskew, to see them on the
                  chart. (sorry to ramble)

                  3. Forgive my ignorance here, but can you expalin the "blue" and
                  "gold" "skew up " skew down" histogram a little.?
                  How does this differ from the "Diff" line?

                  Answer: the blue (bear color) and gold (bull color) represent the skew
                  of the difference between the vwap and the PVP. If the vwap > PVP,
                  then this is a positive skew; if vwap < PVP this is a negative skew.
                  The plots show how far away the vwap is from the PVP, getting larger
                  the bigger that difference is.

                  Meanwhile, going back to Question 1, you also have the difference
                  between the current price and the PVP (or vwap depending on which
                  option you choose).

                  I am not yet sure if this indicator is helpful, but it sure is
                  different. I find it is VERY good at signalling the end of a move.
                  Let's say we are in an upmove. Price goes through a PVP from lower
                  down and makes a nice move up. Then there is backing and filling as
                  the move gets to the end, corrects back down a little, tries to go
                  higher again, and at this point the PVP 'flips' to somewhere up near
                  the new high. And so now the PVP is way above the Vwap which is slowly
                  rising like vwaps always do. At this point, the vwap-PVP relationship
                  has changed. Before, the vwap was a little above the old PVP as the
                  market was rising, and now the vwap is below the new PVP. The skew has
                  flipped to negative. Now that doesn't mean the bull market is over.
                  But it often can be the case that it will pause for a long time or
                  maybe even correct back down to the previous PVP (often happens except
                  in very strongly trending markets). So it's a good place to look for
                  exits if you are long, or tighten stops as soon as market tries to
                  make a new high and fails etc. That PVP flip can often (but of course
                  not always happen) long before many other types of momentum-type
                  indies will have turned so in some sense its a leading indicator. And
                  no periods to adjust, works on all charts.

                  The ONLY problem now is the way Dvalue calculates the price-volume
                  histograms: since it averages out the distribution over the range of
                  the bar, when you use 30 min bars, you are getting very rough
                  guidelines. If you load Gomi's Volume Histogram which builds them tick
                  by tick based on bid-ask sales, you can see that although most of the
                  time DValue is good, sometimes it is not, and this is especially true
                  with longer-length bars. That said, sometimes DValue is better than
                  the real price because it is like an average of the market action,
                  i.e. it is smoothing out particular bars/prices where action happened
                  at one time so giving a more general, average picture and sometimes
                  this is more helpful than the far more precise, but sometimes less
                  clear 'actual' picture from a live-updating equivalent like Gomi's.

                  Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, fire away!


                    Thanks cclsys, great explanation, need time to digest.


                      how do you set open hours on this indicator ? what format works ?
                      I put "093000" or "93000" or "930" in and it gives me blank ... nothing shows up

                      I put "9" and its shows me something but the lines starts at 16:15 of the previous day .... where I set the session close to be as I am functionning on a 24h session ... 4:30 to 4:15

                      what is the open min that is by default at 30 ? Is that the IB (Initial balance) ?

                      I just want to set up values areas and POC for 9:30 to 16:15 on a 15 min chart ... how do you set that up ?



                        OpenHour: 9

                        OpenMinute: 30

                        SessionLengthInHours: 6.75

                        That's all



                          ok thanks
                          understood it now

                          but even with those settings it doesnt seem to start at 9:30 at all ... seems more like it is starting at the session open time that you specify in the properties of the chart



                            I assume the attached file on your post 941 (DValueAreaSkew Indicator) is for NT7?

                            Also, can you please explain what indy is?


                            Last edited by John.2000; 02-13-2010, 02:09 AM.


                              qewcool, Think what your seeing is how it displays the most recient "completed" session, at the end of the session. At 16:15 the session ends, so the program calcs the completed session and changes the plot lines part of the display to reflect that till the next session ends. What your seeing on any particular day is the results of the previous day.

                              John, "indy" is just cclsys's short way of saying "indicator". I don't know if his skew indicator ("indy") is NT7 compatable or not... Try It! It is an interesting indicator.


                                Thanks DeanV - I actually don't have NT7, and didn't want to load it to V6.5 in case it would screw things up. So if it's compatible with V6.5 I'll give it a try.



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