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    I look
    thanks for your participation Gom


      Hello Gom from paris

      il est certain que je trouverai la réponse à ma demande en payant sur ce forum.
      C'est à dire de présenter les ordres market buy et sell de la façon suivante.?
      Merci de me dire si tu en es sure.


      it is certain that I will find the answer to my request by paying on this forum.
      Ie to present the market buy orders and sell as follows.?
      Thank you to tell me if you sure.
      See you


        Hello Gomi and NT support-ladder collors

        I am trying to change some information in the code.
        The name of indicator is GomVolumeLadder and can be found in Big MIke Elite forum. LIne around 1288 is example from Gomi how to access the BA Ladder info.

        I am trying to make ladder to display some signal like arrow and latter on change collor ot the box where equall number for ask and bid are.

        I think I am missing declaration of the Classes which I am using, and as well at the bottom Properties of the program I did not include anything. For luck of time at this time I am asking for some examples or directions how to continue.

        // if (CurrentBar<5) return;

        BALadderClass lad1;
        LadderClass lad2;
        LadderClass lad3;

        // let's get BA ladders pair 3 bars ago. It's a collection indexed by barnum


        // let's get the ask ladder

        if (lad1.AskLadder==lad1.BidLadder)
        "tag2s" + CurrentBar, false, 0, Low[0] + 7 * TickSize, Color.Fuchsia);



          For some reason, all of a sudden, the indicator has stopped saving it data for me.
          Like, if I change a setting on the chart, all of the delta information is lost and it starts from scratch.
          It's just started doing this out of the blue...?...




            Could you tell me where I can download historical data for these indicators?
            ES 09-11.Binary.dat wanted


              See here :

              You need latest Gom framework that records files on a day per day basis:

              You also need BigMike elite memebership to access these threads.


                GomDelta Data Series


                I would like to ask you again about the GomDelta data series and I would really appreciate a more in depth explanation.

                I assume that (please correct me if I am mistaken) GomDelta applies to the same logic as:

                "Delta Reversal - Like reversal charts which are based up on the point and figure methodology, delta reversal charts also use the same methodology. The difference is instead of using price to be the determinant of the reversal, delta is used. So specifying a delta value of 2000 will require the delta for the bar to move opposite the indicated direction of the bar before it starts a new column." (cited from the MD page.)

                Furthermore, I would like to ask you if it's possible to create a bar counter which signifies a reversal. Something like" x contracts remaining for down reversal" or the like?

                Thank you very much!

                Kind regards,


                  No the GomDelta does not implement reversal behaviour. It only plots a new bar when the cumulative delta makes + - x delta.
                  Morevover, It's not the bid/ask delta but the updowntick method, used as a proxy.




                    thank you for your reply.

                    Ok I understand, GomDelta - builds new bars based only after a specified delta is achieved. Specifying a delta of 500 would create bars that consisted of 500 delta, irrespective of the volume or time it took to create them. No reversal logic.

                    But unfortunately I can't find any regularity in the delta bar readings. I've set up GomVolumeLadder to show me the bar delta with "UptickDowntickWithContinuation", but there aren't rather rarely the same delta values.

                    May I ask for an explanation or further support?

                    Thank you!

                    Kind regards,


                      here's the idea behind GomDelta : for instance with gomdelta5000, each time a bar goes over or under 5000, you get a new bar.



                        thank you for your reply. The fact, that there are overlapping bars, meaning more than the specified delta, is probably due to the bar-tick assignment of the last chunk of UpTickDownTickWitchContinuation volume correct?

                        My version of GomCD doesn't have the wicks yours have. I assume these are min/max values? Do I have still the latest version with GomCD 2.3b?

                        Thank you very much!

                        Kind regards,


                          Originally posted by Serninja View Post
                          The fact, that there are overlapping bars, meaning more than the specified delta, is probably due to the bar-tick assignment of the last chunk of UpTickDownTickWitchContinuation volume correct?

                          Originally posted by Serninja View Post
                          My version of GomCD doesn't have the wicks yours have. I assume these are min/max values? Do I have still the latest version with GomCD 2.3b?
                          yes, but you need to disable "Force HiLo bars"


                            Hi everyone. I'm decided to ask you because I can't undestand.
                            I only work on Eurostoxx50 (FESX).
                            Last week the sep11 contract expired and for the first time since when I use gomipackage I decided to look the rollover between the contracts.
                            9-16-2011 at the close the open interest at 5.30pm was of 3,271,347 contracts.
                            In the same time the cd was about of +60000.
                            I've monitored all the dec11 contract since was born.
                            To clarify all, the Eurex in its monthly statistics (Aug11) said that otc volume present an average wich is less than 500000 per month.
                            I can't undestand where are all contracts.
                            If the delta is cumulative, as well as the open interest, we shouldn't have two similar numbers?
                            Why we have more than 3 million of open interest and only 60000 of cd?
                            Thanks in advance to those who help me to understand, and sorry for my bad bad english.....:-)
                            Last edited by unprincipiante; 09-20-2011, 05:36 AM.


                              I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure out this indicator package. Originally, I got an earlier version, which kinda worked ok. The DeltaVol_UpDown definitely worked better than in the most recent version. It just seems very buggy. I can get the GomCD indicator, which seems to disappear and reappear, but the aforementioned indicator will disappear any time I reload the data or change to a different time frame. I've pored over every thread here and on Big Mike's, and I just can't make heads or tails of this. And forget about even trying to use any of the other indicators in the package. Also, I did try to remove some of the indicators but it didn't work. Please help, as it seems that these could be extremely useful, esp. compared to most lower indicators, which are usually just noise.
                              Last edited by shali27; 11-13-2011, 10:21 PM.


                                Specifically what's happening right now with CD is that it will show up, but as soon as I move the chart back in time (on the minute chart, not the volume chart), it will disappear until I reload the historical data. Rinse and repeat - it happens each time.


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